Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 62

“I’m worried that you’d find it costly because… I noticed that the clothes you usually wear don’t seem costly. Hehe. Actually, there’s nothing wrong with it. I understand that you’re being frugal and low-profile, and that’s what I like about you.”

She forced a smile in embarrassment for fear that it would hurt his pride as a man.

Shaun was stunned. It then dawned on him that the clothes he normally wore were too cheap for Catherine.

His gaze became strange at that moment. “Is this how superficial the elites usually are?”

Little did they know a thing called ‘customized brand’.

In fact, all his clothes were unique.

Catherine was dazed.

“It’s okay. You’ll understand it later.” Shaun touched her head sympathetically, then entered the room.

Complete bewilderment swept over Catherine. Anyway, why did he pinch her cheeks and touch her head? With this kind of behavior, they looked like a couple which made the situation appear embarrassing.

The next day, Shaun wore the brown single-breasted suit she bought for him. When he walked out of the room, Catherine gazed at him and fell into a trance for a moment.

Although she had seen him wearing all kinds of suits, a bizarre feeling filled her mind only because that was the suit she had bought for him. She felt a mixture of sweetness and confusion.

It felt as if he was her actual husband at that instant.

Shaun shot a glance at her. Upon realizing that she was looking at him in a daze, he was somehow in a cheerful mood.

Back then, he had always thought that this sort of non-customized clothing brand would not be as comfortable as his customized brand. Nevertheless, he reluctantly wore the suit since she liked it.

When he left the house, something crossed his mind. “Didn’t you buy any clothes for yourself last night?”

“No, I was busy buying clothes for you.” The sweet look of buying clothes for her lover spread across her face.

“I think you were busy having supper.” Shaun scoffed, exposing her frankly.

“Ah, why do you think of me this way?” To hide her embarrassment, Catherine said in a voice that was heavy with flirtatiousness.

Shaun felt that his throat was itchy. He undid two buttons at the neckline of his shirt and said, “If you have the time, go and get yourself some clothes using my card. The clothes will be payment for your cooking and cleaning as a sitter.”

He headed to his office once he finished speaking.

Just as Hadley entered the law firm, he was stunned to see Shaun’s suit. He quickly said, “Young Master Hill, your suit…”

“Catherine bought it on the streets yesterday.” Shaun took a document and flipped it.

Chase, who had just arrived at the door, heard those words. “Wow, you’d actually wear a suit sold on the streets?”

With a grim expression, Shaun threw a cold glance at him. “As the boss of a law firm, you always come and hang out here. You’re too idle, huh?”

“I’m not idle. I just feel terrible not seeing you even for a day.” Chase gazed at Shaun’s suit cheekily. “It’s DG’s limited edition. I thought you only wear customized clothes. Is it because Catherine bought you this…”

Shaun flung a document at his face, and the phrase ‘get lost’ subsequently came out of his thin lips.

“Fine, fine. Don’t be mad. I’m here to tell you something. My grandpa will be celebrating his 80th birthday tomorrow night. Do me the honor of attending the celebration.”

Chase took an invitation card and placed it on the table.

Shaun’s brows furrowed. Quite a number of people were celebrating their 80th birthday in Melbourne recently.

“By the way, you’d better bring your partner,” Chase reminded. “As you know, my sister has been interested in you for years. Also, my grandpa has always wanted to set my sister up with you.”

Shaun rubbed his forehead, wondering who he should bring as his partner.


In the next two days, Catherine contemplated how to progress things with Shaun to a point of no return while she planned the villa’s design.

What about preparing a candlelight dinner tonight?

How was his tolerance to alcohol?

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