Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 64

Just as Catherine was distressed regarding how she should deal with the situation, a shadow was cast on her all of a sudden.

She looked up and caught sight of a familiar man’s features. She was so frightened that she took two steps backward and lost her balance in her high heels.

Seeing that she was about to fall, Shaun stretched out his hand to hold her waist and bring her into his arms so that she was able to keep her footing.

If this had happened on any other day, Catherine would have only been slightly nervous. However, she had been picturing Shaun shirtless just a moment ago. Now that the tip of her nose was right next to his chest, her pretty face suddenly turned as red as a beet.

“Am I that scary?” Shaun raised his eyebrow

“No, I was just spacing out earlier.” She quickly moved backward and kept a distance from him.

“Get into the car.”

Shaun opened the door and sat in the driver’s seat.

Catherine realized that someone was in the passenger seat, so she reluctantly went to the backseat. Cringing with embarrassment, she could not bring herself to face Chase.

“Hi, Sister-in-law. What were you thinking about just now? Why didn’t you hear the long honks?” Chase showed an evil smile. “From your expression, I could guess that you were thinking of Shaun.”

“Yes, I was thinking of him,” Catherine said recklessly with a gentle tone. Then, she swiftly looked down.

Seated at the front, Shaun felt his scalp tingling as he gazed through the rear-view mirror at the woman whose head was lowered. Her two red ears were visible among her dark hair, making her look seductive.

He smirked calmly.

After letting out a ‘wow’, Chase covered his chest and said glumly, “I shouldn’t have asked that question. Seeing how lovey-dovey both of you are, I feel humiliated. Anyway, Shaun doesn’t have a pleasant personality, nor does he have a good temper. He also has a lot of dirty habits. What do you actually like about him?”

Deep down, Catherine wanted to high-five Chase as he was absolutely right.

However, she only whispered, “Now that I’m in love with him, I see all his weaknesses as strengths. Conversely, those gentle and understanding men make me feel insecure. I’m simply fond of his qualities.”

Shaun’s lips curled even more in spite of himself. Anyway, this woman should not overdo it since someone else was here.

Shaun glanced sideways at Chase.

Chase felt as if he was being frowned upon. “I shouldn’t have come along, right?”

Shaun ignored him. Catherine then said, “No, no. You’re humorous, Young Master Harrison. Your presence makes me feel much more relaxed.”

“Do you mean that you’re not relaxed when you’re with me?” Shaun suddenly turned sullen.

Catherine was quick on her feet. “Isn’t this bound to happen? When you get along with someone you like, you feel as if your heart is always beating wildly and you’re at a loss.”

Shaun knocked on the steering wheel with his finger without saying anything.

Seated beside Shaun, Chase was gripped by jealousy and envy. He had never met any girls who kept confessing her love through her speech.

Catherine quietly played with her phone in the backseat.

Suddenly, Freya sent her two videos.

Freya usually sent joyful videos to her. Catherine thought the same this time, so she clicked on the videos straight away.

Before she could react, a loud sound filled the enclosed space in the car. A spicy scene subsequently popped out on the screen.

She got a shock, then she immediately turned it off.

However, the car had already stopped. The two men looked at her in a strange manner.

At that instant, she felt like fleeing by jumping out of the window.

“Uh… Let me explain. I was reading a pirated book when it just popped out.”

Chase touched his nose with an embarrassed look. “It’s fine, Sister-in-law. I normally watch it secretly at home. I didn’t know that we share the same hobby.”

Catherine was speechless.

Boo-hoo. He did not seem to have comforted her.

Shaun’s face was overcome with a grim expression. “I’m warning you not to watch dirty things like that anymore.”

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