Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 65

Shaun flew into a temper whenever he recalled Catherine staring at a shirtless man. How shameless she was!

Chase argued, “To put it another way, it can be considered as a learning resource sometimes. Perhaps Sister-in-law is learning it for your sake.”

Catherine nodded deep down, agreeing with Chase’s statement.

Shaun spoke in a somber tone, “There’s no need for that. She won’t need it.”

Even if that happened, he would be the one in control.

However, that was not what Catherine thought. Assuming that he was not at all attracted to her in that way, she lowered her head in despair.

Chase glanced at her sympathetically. He then sighed after seeing how unromantic Shaun was.

After half an hour, the car stopped.

Catherine raised her head, only to find that she had arrived at Miracle, a studio that provided personalized styles.

Although she had never been here, she heard that Miracle was the most well-known makeup studio in Melbourne.

Shaun turned around and said, “Go and get your makeup done first. I’m going to attend to something. I’ll pick you up in a while.”

Catherine was stunned. “Shaunny, you just got back to Melbourne not long ago. Perhaps you don’t know that this studio doesn’t simply accept anyone even if you’re rich. You need to book an appointment one month in advance.”

“Shaunny?” Chase burst out laughing. Shortly after he began laughing, a death stare was directed at him.

Chase’s face froze a little, then he quickly said, “We don’t need to make a booking. Just go up. I’ve informed the boss about it.”


Catherine secretly sighed in satisfaction. Sure enough, the Harrison family was the most f*cking powerful family in Melbourne. How extraordinary.

As soon as she got upstairs, the store manager welcomed her and personally did her makeup.

An hour later, Shaun was back, but Catherine was not done. He sat on the couch and waited for a while.

The door to the VIP room was soon opened, and Catherine walked out of it.

She wore a long aqua dress, which was embroidered with diamonds all over. Not only was the dress shiny, but it also outlined her graceful figure perfectly. Her hair, which looked as dark as a seaweed, was curled and fell over her shoulders.

She seemed like a beauty back in the 90s, looking pretty and seductive.

Shaun’s eyes flashed with a burning sensation. He had long since been aware of her beauty. Unlike many other women these days, she had not gone through plastic surgery to have such beauty. Little did he expect that she would turn out to be strikingly attractive even with little makeup.

“Shaunny, do I look good?”

As soon as Catherine noticed his gaze, her red lips flashed a winning smile. She walked toward him, hoping that he would shift his eyes to her.

Shaun remained silent while resting his gaze on her chest.

Catherine blushed upon noticing that. She deliberately poked his chest. “Hey, what are you looking at?”

With her soft and flirtatious voice, he was on the verge of pulling her into his arms in spite of himself. Luckily, he managed to control himself. He spoke in a tense voice, “Go and get changed.”

“Why?” Catherine was confused.

“This dress is too revealing. I don’t like it.” He turned around and went down right after that.

Furious, Catherine felt an atomic bomb going off in her head. From his gaze earlier, it had given her the impression that he was aroused by her.

The store manager beside her said with a smile, “Miss Jones, Mr. Hill cares about you a lot.”

Catherine widened her eyes and stared at the store manager. Her eyes conveyed a sense of incredulity.

“When a man really cares about a woman, he’ll be possessive. He wouldn’t want her to dress provocatively, and only he’s allowed to see you like that.” With a grin, the store manager added, “Having worked here for years, I’ve met countless men. I’m a good judge of character.”

Upon hearing her words, Catherine was filled with a flame of hope. Did Shaun not want other people to see her in revealing clothes?

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