Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 77

It had been one hour since Shaun returned home from work yet there were still no signs of Catherine. She did not even care about Fudge anymore. It appeared she was really pushing the limit.

“Come on, Fudge. Come shopping for fruits with me.”

He carried the cat into his arms.

Fudge meowed a couple of times to object. The pregnant cat refused to go out, but he brought her along anyway.

There were several stores located by the main entrance of the neighborhood. Shaun walked into a fruit store absent-mindedly. He looked and inspected the fruits for some time but was unsure of what to buy.

Why was Catherine not home yet?

The lady boss of the fruit store standing by the door was secretly admiring the exceptionally handsome young man.

What was going on here? He had been circling the store more times than she could count but had not bought anything. She also noticed he kept throwing glances toward the door. Could it be possible that he was interested in her but was shy to ask her out?

A look of embarrassment washed over her face. Finally, she mustered the courage to approach him.

Unexpectedly, a shadow veiled over the man’s face as he took big strides toward the door.

She froze in her actions and shifted her gaze in the same direction. It was only then that she discovered the Rolls-Royce parked by the roadside. A beautiful young lady stepped out of the car.

Wow, it turned out that this man was trying to catch his cheating partner.

He had been betrayed despite being blessed with impeccable looks. How terrible!

On the other side of the road.

Catherine thanked Wesley sincerely once more. As soon as she turned around, she noticed Shaun walking toward her in big strides with Fudge in his arms.

The faint moonlight cast from above illuminated the sullen expression on his face.


She was at a loss for words.

He normally only came home around midnight.

Why was she always unlucky to be caught red-handed every time another man gave her a lift home?

If she did not know for certain that he was not romantically interested in her, she might suspect he had been waiting all night by the door for her to come home.

She knew almost by instinct that the man would humiliate her indefinitely.

Therefore, she spoke before he had the chance, “I’m not feeling too well today. Please wait until tomorrow to lecture me.”

Enraged, he lashed out his anger without first processing his thoughts.

“I don’t think so. I bet you must be exhausted from spending all day with that man. Well? You were given a ride home in a Porsche last time and now it has changed to Rolls-Royce, huh?

“Not bad, Catherine. You’re climbing to the top of the ladder. The thing is, do they know you’re the kind of lowly woman who could do anything just to get into a man’s bed?”

She had just left the hospital after receiving an infusion. Her head had begun to feel better but her temples started hurting again upon hearing his insults.

This was mentally exhausting.

This man rarely spoke in the past but why had he become so talkative all of a sudden?

“I don’t want to argue with you.”

It was tiring to fight every time they met.

Besides, she had lost interest in him completely after learning he had given Rebecca the villa project.

Catherine lowered her head and started walking away.

Her nonchalant attitude infuriated Shaun even more. He grabbed her forcefully by the arm.

“What do you mean? So you’re not talking to me now that you’ve found a richer man? You’ve been out all day and didn’t come home until midnight. Is it wrong for me to criticize you on that?”

His grip was hurting her, but she did not have the strength to peel her hand away.

All she felt was disappointment and exhaustion.

She lifted her eyes to meet his gaze. “How does it affect you if I come home late? I’m staying at your place, but I’ve been cooking and cleaning for you. Besides, you lied about me giving Fudge an upset stomach.

“The cat is doing better than before. I don’t have to be responsible for her pregnancy. It’s not like it was me who got her pregnant.”

“How dare you talk back?” He threw her a cold, hard stare. His face was overcast. The woman had done something wrong but was arguing as if she was in the right. “Don’t forget that you’re…”

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