Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 76

Catherine insisted on walking back to Wesley’s villa to supervise the renovation progress.

She stayed on-site the entire day. Wesley dropped by in the afternoon to hand out gifts as a token of appreciation for the staff’s effort.

She was overwhelmed by the thick envelope placed in her hands. “President Lyons, this gift is probably more than I deserve.”

“It’s simply a small token of appreciation.” He studied her face briefly. “You look unwell. Are you ill?”

“Probably just a common cold.”

“Take the day off and get some rest. I believe the renovation will progress on schedule. I’m not a mean boss.” His voice was soft and gentle.

She nodded. An outsider was more thoughtful than Shaun who lived together with her.

Shaun had not enquired how she was feeling at all.

He probably hated her to the core now, so why would he be bothered?

A woman could not possibly live happily with an inconsiderate man, right?

“Thanks, President Lyons.”

She nodded again and began to take her leave.

She had only taken a couple of steps before she felt dizzy in the head. Fortunately, Wesley reacted quickly and stepped forward to catch her from falling.

The heat transmitted from her skin surprised him. “You’re running a high fever. Let me send you to the hospital.”

“It’s fine…”

“Young lady, stop trying to be tough. You’re working for me now and I’ll need to take responsibility if anything bad happens,” he replied as he carried her into the car.

Failing to fight the weakness that spread across her body, Catherine drifted into unconsciousness not long after entering the car.

She vaguely felt someone holding her close during the journey.

Something sharp seemed to be poking her arm. It also felt like somebody was feeding her water.

By the time she regained consciousness, she realized she was lying in the hospital bed with an IV tube inserted in her hand.

Wesley was peeling an apple on a chair next to the bed. “You were running a 102°F high fever. I almost had to compensate you for a work injury.”

“Sorry to have troubled you.” She propped herself up and apologized genuinely. “My getting sick has nothing to do with work. I caught a cold yesterday and thought I’d feel better after taking some pills. I didn’t expect it to get worse.”

“It was definitely my negligence. You shouldn’t have been working today.” He remained gentle from the beginning without appearing annoyed.

“I’m sorry for starting the renovation with bad luck.”

A smile spread across his face upon hearing her incessant apologies. “Stop it. Anyone could catch a cold anytime.”

Under the illumination of the light, the man’s young face appeared soft and gentle.

Catherine was briefly distracted. She could not help imagining how her relationship with Shaun would turn out if he had Wesley’s personality.

“President Lyons, thanks for today. You don’t have to stay here. I can call my friend.”

“Treat me as your friend and you’ll stop feeling like you’re troubling me.” He handed her the sliced apple.

“President Lyons, you’re pulling my leg. I can’t possibly…”

She became flustered under his stare.

It would not have been unusual for her to befriend Wesely if she was still the rich young lady like before. However, she was only an unknown designer now. Could it be possible that he was interested in her?

Her self-esteem had dropped to a new low after what she went through with Ethan and Shaun.

“Everyone should be treated equally. I’m just like any other human who needs friends.” Wesley felt genuinely sorry for the woman. The Jones couple had been too harsh on her.

She was too ill to think too much into it anyway.

Jadeite Bay.

Shaun had been flipping through channels absent-mindedly on the couch. Not one of those 20 programs caught his eyes.

He threw the remote control aside, feeling frustrated. It was about 10 p.m. now.

Well, well, well, he had been waiting for… No, he had not been waiting at all.

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