Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 80

Golf course.

Boom! Shaun swung the golf club and the ball instantly vanished into the distance.

Chase, who was standing by the side, felt the passing breeze and shivered uncontrollably.

Since Catherine left his side, Shaun had been acting sullenly like this every day. Chase was going mad over this.

“Catherine hasn’t returned yet?”

“It’s none of my business if she’s dead or alive.” Shaun gave a snort of contempt before walking to the front. His stomach began to grumble all of a sudden.

Chase scratched the tip of his nose. “I know you’re used to her food, but you can’t starve yourself now that she has left…”

“I’m not,” Shaun replied, sounding evidently annoyed. “I can finally keep fit now that she has left.”


Perspiration formed on Chase’s forehead. He had not discovered this side of his friend before.

He suddenly admired Catherine for being able to live with that man for so long. He would have gone mad after a few days.

“The day after tomorrow is Rebecca and Ethan’s engagement party. Catherine is probably going to be there too. The Jones family sent me an invitation too. Should I go and… persuade her?”

Shaun raised an eyebrow. “I thought it’s the birthday celebration for Grandma Jones’ 80th birthday?”

“Never heard of that.” Chase shook his head.

A serious expression flashed across Shaun’s face. It appeared that the Jones family did not plan to celebrate the old lady’s birthday at all.

That stupid woman. Was she not afraid to be bullied by those people again?

“No point doing that. This is just another trick of hers. Wait and see. I’m sure she’ll come and beg me before the engagement party.”

In a matter of seconds, he received a message on WhatsApp from Shaunerine.

“See, here it comes.” He clicked into the message to see that Catherine had made three transfers to deposit 60,000 dollars into his account.

His handsome face froze. Chase inched forward to steal a glance. Confused, he commented, “She’s spending a lot to lure you back.”

“Yup.” Shaun’s tense features relaxed.

It must be another one of her tricks.

The other party was still typing.

He waited to see what she was going to say.

20 seconds later, he received another text message. [60,000 dollars is inclusive of the hospital charges from before. I’m sure it’s more than required but I’m feeling kind today.]

An enigmatic smile spread across Shaun’s face. Simultaneously, the veins on his forehead bulged.

Well, well, well. This woman had the courage of a lion.


Chase, who had stolen a glance of the message, dared not comment.

He thought Catherine was awesome.

She was probably the only person in this world who dared to challenge Shaun.

However, he could not stop himself from pleading mercy for the beautiful and innocent lady.

“This must be a trick to attract your attention. Not only is she trying to bribe you with money but look at her username. Shaunerine, how romantic.”

Shaun felt better about himself upon hearing this and revealed a sarcastic smile. “So what? It doesn’t matter anymore. Even if she kneels before me and begs for three nights…”

Before he could finish the sentence, however, Catherine changed her WhatsApp username to ‘New Beginnings’. She even changed her status to: [I just want to treat myself better from now on.]


Chase was at a complete loss for words.

‘Young lady, I’m trying to reconcile your relationship here. Why aren’t you helping me?’

Shaun’s deep, dark eyes dripped with spite.

He put his phone away, and soon, indifference returned to his face. “Don’t mention this person in front of me ever again.”

Then, he walked away with the golf club.

Chase was speechless. ‘Would you be this angry or bothered if you don’t care about her? Why can’t you just be honest with yourself?’ he thought.

Catherine became anxious after sending that sarcastic text message.

That man had humiliated her too much lately that she felt she needed to step up for herself.

However, after not receiving any reply from the man, she felt as if the heavy burden had been lifted off her chest.

Finally, neither one of them was in debt to the other anymore.

Her phone vibrated all of a sudden. There was a new WhatsApp text.

She picked up the phone thinking it was Shaun, but the message came from Wesley.

[It’s good to have new beginnings. A woman needs to treat herself better. If you’re unhappy with life, it’s not because you’re not enough. Some people or some things just aren’t worth our appreciation.]

Catherine felt a fuzzy feeling in her heart. She felt more hopeful about the future upon reading the encouraging message.

However, she found it quite strange as it sounded like Wesley knew she had been abandoned.

Besides, she had just updated her status seconds ago. Was he being extra attentive to her social media?

After considering this briefly, she replied: [Thanks for the encouragement.]

Even if Wesley had truly taken an interest in her, she realized she had stopped dreaming about finding love.

Both her previous relationships had hurt her greatly. Besides, she was not even divorced yet.

Soon, it was Granny Jones’ 80th birthday.

It was also a big day for both the Jones and Lowe families.

The Great Bowin Hotel was situated in the middle of the central business district. It was also the only seven-star hotel in the entire Melbourne.

Only the tycoons in Melbourne could throw banquets in this hotel. It symbolized one’s power and status in the city as not anyone with money could book an appointment here. Tonight, both the Jones and Lowe families had spent an incredible amount of money to book Exquisite Jade, the most splendid banquet hall available in the hotel.

Catherine was standing in the lobby with the invitation card in her hands. She could not help letting out a soft sigh.

Sometime in the past, Jeffery had promised to organize her wedding with Ethan right here in this hotel.

Well, the engagement ceremony was happening and Ethan was still the groom. However, someone had substituted her place.

She stepped into the banquet hall, wearing that white dress she wore to Old Master Harrison’s birthday party the last time. A group of reporters was waiting by the entrance.

They ambushed her within seconds.

“Miss Jones, didn’t you claim the Jones family had locked you up and tortured you? Why are you still here to attend Rebecca and Ethan’s engagement party?”

“Is it because the Joneses didn’t mistreat you at all? Was everything the creation of your own imagination?”


Catherine was not a fool. She knew instantly that the reporters had been arranged by the Jones family. Undoubtedly, they had been bribed and instructed on what to say.

She had anticipated this to happen, thus she reacted with calmness.

“Today is my grandma’s 80th birthday. I’m here to celebrate her health.”

“Really? We didn’t hear anything about that. We only know that today’s the engagement ceremony between the Joneses and Lowes. The dress you’re wearing is spectacular. If I’m not mistaken, it’s a limited edition dress from the fall collection of a luxury brand. Didn’t you say the Joneses treated you horribly?”

A sarcastic smile spread across her face. “Well, how much did the Jones family pay you all to embarrass me today?”

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