Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 81

“Hey, that’s not nice. You’re so different from First Young Lady Jones although both of you are from the same family.”

“Exactly! First Young Lady Jones even brought us coffee and tea earlier. You’ve been brought up by the Jones couple since birth yet your manners pale in comparison.”

Catherine narrowed her eyes.

A handsome young man dressed in a gray suit came to her rescue. The intimidation was evident in his voice.

“Today’s an important day for the Jones and Lowe families. Many honorable guests will show up to this event, including Cindy Turner. Yet the group of you have ambushed a weak girl to embarrass her. Is she an artist or an online influencer? Since you like to interview her so much, why don’t you all work together to make her the next online sensation?”

The tall man’s outfit naturally exuded an imposing manner.

The reporters dispersed gradually, and a bubble of laughter escaped Catherine’s lips.

“Not bad, President Jackson. You’ve become different after taking over the president position at your company. No wonder my girl Freya is falling head over heels for you.”

This man was Freya’s boyfriend, Patrick Jackson.

“Stop it, you. Freya has been calling me since last night to make sure I’ll have your back. Let’s go,” he said, smiling.

Catherine was about to nod when an elegant woman wearing a bright yellow low-cut dress stepped forward in high heels to grab his arm.

“Patrick, you’re walking too fast and I can’t catch up. I almost fell over just now.”

Catherine looked at the woman. “This is Linda Shelby from the Shelby family. She’s also invited to the engagement ceremony tonight,” the man explained.

“Oh,” she mumbled, shifting her gaze to the woman’s hand around his arm. She laughed half-jokingly. “I was really shocked to see her linking arms with you. I thought you were being unfaithful to Freya.”

Startled, Patrick looked at his arm and freed it from the woman. He said grudgingly to Linda, “Linny, I told you many times that we can’t behave like when we were younger anymore. Other people might misunderstand.”

“I’m used to it. Besides, after coming here, I naturally see you as my companion for the night.” Linda stuck out a tongue playfully before saying to Catherine, “Hey there, I’m friends with Freya too and we hang out all the time. I’ll get upset if you somehow affect their relationship.”

“Alright now, she didn’t even say anything.” Patrick patted her on the head. “Let’s go in together.”

The three of them started walking toward the banquet hall together. Catherine stole a quick glance at Linda out of the corner of her eyes.

For some reason, she found the other woman rather pretentious.

What did Linda mean anyway? That Catherine was the one stirring trouble if Freya began to grow suspicious of Linda and Patrick’s relationship?

This woman definitely had an ulterior motive.

Ever since Rebecca stole Ethan from her, Catherine felt as if she had developed a special instinct that could accurately analyze a woman’s personality. Besides, how could a man be so intimate with another woman apart from his romantic partner or sisters?

This was undoubtedly not a good sign.

Catherine frowned. At the same time, Jeffery and Sally spotted her from afar and gestured her over with a smile.

She did not want to see their faces but walked toward them nonetheless because of Granny Jones.

Unexpectedly, Sally suddenly hugged her close and spoke affectionately.

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