Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 91

“Of course not. She only does those dishonest tricks on me.” Shaun scoffed.


Chase was speechless.

It kind of sounded like that man was boasting.

‘Whatever, Catherine doesn’t even care about you right now.’

He mocked internally before saying, “Given the Jones family’s previous history, they probably won’t let this go unsettled. They locked her up last time and it almost took her like. Do you think she might be in danger again? Should I get someone to keep an eye out on her?”

Shaun returned to reading the documents. “Not unless she comes begging for my help.”

A few seconds later, he said, “But they should’ve looked before they leaped. The Jones family really isn’t showing me any respect at all. I want this clip to go viral online as soon as possible. Besides, prohibit every media platform to take it down.”

“Um… Sure.”

Chase did not bother mocking the man anymore. Just seconds ago, Shaun had literally declared he would not lend a hand unless she came begging, yet…

“Go on then.”

Shaun frowned, evidently displeased.

At the same time, his cell phone rang. He reached for it and realized Catherine was calling.

Upon seeing this long-awaited phone call, the displeasure in his heart dispersed all of a sudden.

“I bet she’s calling me for help because she has gotten herself into a tricky situation,” he said casually, yet each word reeked of mocking intention.

Chase really wanted to remind the man how he had been given the cold shoulder last time.

However, he dared not say so upon discovering the joy written all over Shaun’s face.

“I’m not picking up.” The latter tossed the phone across the desk nonchalantly but kept glancing at it subconsciously.

It continued ringing for 20 seconds more. He picked it up again when it was about to get cut off.

“Well, she might be running away from the hitman sent by the Jones family. What if she gets killed because I didn’t answer this rescue call? That’ll be big trouble then.”

Chase widened his eyes in surprise. He really wished to take a photo of this man right now and send it to their group chat.

“Stop staring at me. Get out.” Shaun glared at his friend, annoyed.

Without hesitation, Chase scurried out of the office. Before the door closed behind him, he heard Shaun answering the call with an indifferent voice. “I’m busy. You have ten seconds.”

He almost tripped over upon hearing that.

Without a doubt, he knew his old friend would surely regret his word choice later.

Forget it, he should probably leave while he still could. Otherwise, he might have to comfort the raging man later. How tiring.

On the other end of the phone, Catherine was infuriated to hear the man’s overbearing tone.

In the past, she would be worried to be disturbing him, but now… Pfft.

“I’m very busy too. I’m calling to arrange a time for us to get divorced at the registry office.”

There was an eerie silence on the other end of the line. Several seconds later, Shaun leaned back on the leather seat and laughed deeply from the throat.

“You’re getting addicted to this push and pull game. Catherine, I’m warning you not to overdo it.”

She was speechless. “I’m serious. I’d like to divorce you as soon as possible.”

“No regrets?” His face was now overcast.

He did not believe the words she was saying. This woman had gone all out to win his heart. How could she possibly give up like this?

“Nope. When will you be free?”

“Sure, I have time right now.” He was willing to play whatever game she had planned in mind.

This took her by surprise. He had said that he was occupied. It appeared he would find time out of his hectic schedule in order to divorce her.

“I’ll head over there right now. See you at the registry office half an hour later.”

There was a hint of delight in her voice. She hung up the phone right after that.

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