Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 90

Jennings Solicitors.

Chase, who had just returned from his lunch break, walked into the office leisurely.

As he walked past Shaun’s office, he noticed the secretary about to enter with a cup of coffee.

“Did Attorney Hill take his lunch break?” he asked the latter.

“No, he’s been looking through the new cases,” the secretary whispered. “Attorney Hill is diligently taking on cases lately. Is he facing any financial problems? He used to take on two cases each month at most, but now he’s working on four cases simultaneously. He’s so busy that he works overtime through every lunch break.”

Chase scoffed. Would Shaun ever be faced with financial problems?

The president could run out of money but Shaun? Never in a million years.

The wealth he possessed could last for ten lifetimes. He simply did not want to go back to an empty house yet was too stubborn to admit it.

“Alright, I’ll take care of this.” He took the coffee and stepped into the office.

“Leave it there,” Shaun said without lifting his head.

Chase sighed. “Ah, today’s the engagement ceremony between the Jones and Lowe families. One of my friends who attended the event told me affectionate photos of Catherine and Ethan were displayed on the big screen. Everyone there accused her of setting the whole thing up. The poor girl was bullied.”

Affectionate photos of her and Ethan?

Had she ever taken any with him? Not even one.

Shaun lifted his cold gaze. “How many times do I have to tell you? Stop talking about her in front of me. I don’t care even if she’s dead.”

Chase was rendered speechless. He could have interrupted earlier if he did not intend to hear more. What a pretentious man.

“Sure, if that’s what you want. Then I’m going to watch this clip my friend shared with me.” He played the clip and saw Catherine jumping up onto the table.

Shaun’s brows furrowed. He was about to throw the man out of his office but froze in his actions upon hearing Catherine’s voice from the loudspeaker.

That silly girl actually stood up for herself.

Did she really have a past with Ethan?

That was not even the main point. Why was she still keeping the voice recordings sent by Ethan from before?

Did she not care about her husband’s feelings at all?

Had she forgotten about her marital status?

How could that stupid Ethan guy compare to him?

Damn it. How far had she gotten with Ethan during their relationship? Hugging? Kissing? Beyond that?

Chase did not notice the changes that flashed across his friend’s face. He was really absorbed by the ways things unfolded in the clip.

“Hey, look at how mighty and domineering she is. That’s so adorable…”

As soon as he said that, he felt the temperature in the room drop drastically.

A shudder passed through him without warning as he met Shaun’s cold stare. “I mean it the way one adores an idol.”

“You have very low standards for that then,” Shaun said, mocking him, “Don’t tell people that you’re my friend. I’ll be ashamed.”


‘Would it kill you to admit you’re jealous?’

Finally, Chase coughed drily to turn the topic of conversation.

“But it’s really a big disgrace for the Jones family this time. I’m sure Catherine wouldn’t have done something as lowly as this.”

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