Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 93

Shaun smiled coldly instead of trying to stop Catherine from leaving. “One word from me and no one in Australia will dare to take on the case for our divorce. Go ahead and try if you don’t believe me, but when that time comes, you’ll have to stay with me for 30 years instead of three.”

She turned around to glare at him. Honestly, she had no clue who she was dealing with.

She could not say he was an average man as Chase Harrison seemed to be his best friend.

She could not say he was from an affluent family as he did not drive a luxurious car or live in a mansion.

“I’ll not surrender to your blackmail. I’d rather not sign the papers than stay with a man like you.”

Her voice reeked of indifference. She turned around and walked away.

After all, she had nothing more to lose now.

Upon seeing her leave without even looking back, he threw the cake to the ground out of rage.

Damned woman!

A man like him? Ha, countless women had tried to get into his bed. She really did not know what she was missing out on.

Divorce? Dream on!

Great Bowin Hotel.

The Jones and Lowe families gathered after the ceremony ended.

Ethan’s handsome face was as pale as a ghost as he watched the clip on his phone.

It was out of his expectation that in less than a few hours, the clip of Catherine ruining the ceremony had gone viral online.

It had received more than five million views in a short period of time.

“You stupid thing, look how you’ve humiliated me!” His father slapped him across the face before stomping off.

“I’ll talk to him,” Sonya said through gritted teeth before running after the man.

Ethan, who was left behind, clenched his fists together. His eyes were red with emotions.

“Ethan…” Rebecca caressed his face gently but he flung her arm away forcefully.

“Was it you who swapped the photos today?”

He had asked the hotel management but the hall manager said the security footage from this afternoon had been deleted.

Besides, Aunty Helen was the new carer hired by the Jones family. He had good reasons to doubt her words.

In comparison, he despised the person who swapped the photos more than he blamed Catherine.

“You’re doubting me?” Rebecca trembled as if overwhelmed with betrayal. “It’s our engagement ceremony today. I worked diligently to ensure this day would go smoothly and perfectly. Besides, how would it benefit me to expose those photos? Everyone who attended the ceremony today blamed me for being the third party!”

“It couldn’t have been Rebecca.” Sally stepped forward to defend her daughter. “Ethan, how could you suspect her? Do you really believe the words that came out of Catherine’s mouth? I think she’s the person behind all this. I’ve known Aunty Helen for many years. She’s not the kind who lies.”

“Mom, stop it.” Rebecca shook her head weakly. “Even if I didn’t do it, all this started because of me, so I must assume some of the responsibilities. Ethan, you can return to Catherine if you feel uncomfortable being with me. I don’t deserve you anymore, and I don’t want to bring you further disgrace.”

“Don’t say that. I trust you. I was just overwhelmed by emotions earlier.”

Ethan changed his attitude rather quickly.

His father was utterly disappointed in him today. If he lost Rebecca too, the future successor to the Jones family, then it would be more challenging for him to take over Lowe Corporation.

A sigh escaped Sally’s mouth. “It’s not your fault. Catherine should be blamed for her expert acting skills. It’s one thing she didn’t repay us after the effort spent raising her all these years, but she even destroyed the Summit’s reputation we’ve worked so hard to build. What a thankless wretch!”

Rebecca forced a bitter smile. “I wonder if she’s going to continue with the slander. I don’t really mind but Ethan—”

“I’ll not let this go unsettled. I know she has taken over my uncle’s villa renovation project. I might have a way to punish her.” A dangerous intention filled his eyes.

If he had felt a tad bit guilty to Catherine earlier, the emotion was completely replaced by hatred by now.

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