Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 94

Jeffery frowned. His lips parted slightly but no words came out in the end.

20 minutes later.


Aunty Helen cautiously stepped toward Rebecca. She looked rather uneasy.

“First Young Lady, will President Jones and Madam suspect me for what happened at the ceremony today? I’m innocent. It was you who asked me to make the false accusation.”

“It’s fine. I’ve already dismissed the idea from their minds.” Rebeca retrieved a credit card from her purse and gave it to the woman. “This is your compensation. Keep your lips tight. I don’t want anyone to know about what happened today.”

Aunty Helen’s eyes sparkled. She quickly received the gift and nodded constantly. “Happy to be at your service.”

“One more thing…” The corners of Rebecca’s lips twitched into an evil grin. “You must take good care of my grandmother. I don’t want to see her condition improving at all.”

This took Aunty Helen by shock. A shudder passed through her as she looked at the young lady.

However, she nodded without hesitation after thinking of the compensation. “No problem. Oh right, I didn’t get the chance to congratulate you on your engagement.”

“It’s not the wedding yet.” A nonchalant expression washed over Rebecca’s face. She would not be foolish enough to actually marry Ethan if he lost the right to take over the Lowe Company.

The following morning. 7 a.m.

Catherine was still sleeping lazily.

She felt like a whole new person ever since moving out and not having to prepare breakfast for Shaun every morning.

Her phone rang out of the blue.

Builder John’s anxious voice sounded from the phone the second she answered the call.

“Designer Jones, something bad has happened. I’ve just arrived at the site to see the tap was left on all night at the villa. The whole interior of the house is flooded.”

She leaped out of bed at once. “Don’t worry. I’ll be there soon.”

Soon, she arrived at the building site. The water was flowing from inside the villa out to the exterior steps. The newly laid water and electricity pipes were completely flooded.

Flustered, Builder John was shaking after seeing her.

“It’s all gone. I’ve inspected the water and electricity pipes. They’re all damaged from being soaked in the water all night.

“What should we do, Designer Jones? President Lyons will definitely look into this and I can’t afford to pay for the damages. I’m certain I shut all the switches before I left last night.”

She tried to calm the man. “I trust you.”

Evidently, this was no accident.

The installation of water and electricity pipelines was due to complete in two days’ time. The money lost was no big deal, but she feared if the walls sank and if the water had seeped through the foundation, then the project would be delayed. Most importantly, this would ruin Talton Design’s reputation.

Talton Design had only recently established a footing in Melbourne. An incident like this could cost it to collapse entirely.

She, who was the head project manager, would naturally become the scapegoat. Perhaps even close connections would not dare to hire her again in the future.

The person behind this scheme was treacherous.

She was just thinking about this when a luxurious car drove past the gate.

Then, Wesley, Sonya, and Elder Lyons stepped out of the car one after another.

“Dad, this is Wesley’s new house. It’s your first time here, so you should take your time to look around,” Sonya said as she helped the old man out of the car.

“Dad, I already said that we’ve just installed the water and electricity pipes. There’s nothing interesting to see just yet,” Wesley, who stepped out of the driver seat, said helplessly.

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