Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1245

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Free online novel

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1245

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1245

Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

The two cars were driven side by side, and the glass window at the driver side was lowered.

Nerola drove while she said, “Ninian! Don’t run!”

At this time, Ninian also leaned toward the window. When she heard it, she helplessly smiled, but her eyes were clearly filled with surprise. She waved at them before she frowned and gestured to stop the car.

“You stop first! Do you know how hard it is for my broken car to chase after you? I’m such a qualified female driver!” Nerola drove while she nagged.

“Ninian! Ninian!” A figure also showed out from the passenger seat at the side. It was Lana. She said, “Please stop your car. I’m really afraid of Nerola’s driving! I almost died!”

Actually, the extended Lincoln was already slowing down before Lana’s reminder. It stopped after it found a suitable place.

The white car also stopped.

Nerola unbuckled her seatbelt and got out of the driver seat neatly. After she raised her arm and shut the car door, she turned back and put her hands on her waist. She looked valiant and formidable.

Lana also got out of the passenger seat from the side and moved over.

Ninian got out of the car before she moved forward in surprise and excitement. She hugged Nerola and Lana respectively. She wanted to say something, but she could not make a sound, so she had to take out her phone and type.



[Why did you come? Do you want to die? How dare you chase after our car?]

“You don’t say. It’s really thrilling !” When Lana recalled the sense of thrill and excitement of being attacked by a few cars from the side at the same time, she just felt thrilled.

Nerola also helplessly shrugged. “What else could I do? If I didn’t chase after you, you would’ve already left. I heard that you won’t come back again. Is that so?”

[From whom did you hear that I’m not coming back?] Ninian felt funny yet angry. She typed. [Don’t take risks like this anymore!]

“It was The Everett! No, precisely, it was Mr. Craig, The Everett’s older brother!” Lana spoke like a fan girl, “Oh gosh! Only now did I know that Everett’s last name is the same last name as the legendary, wealthy Craig family! Wow, his brother is also very handsome! I’m nearly obsessed with him!”

When Nerola saw that Lana was becoming a fangirl, she immediately snapped her out of her daze. “Main point!”

“Oh!” Lana became serious, and she said, Well, although the government has covered the incident of you being attacked at the banquet that day, Amber has a broad network connection, so she still knew about some of them. Didn’t you send a message to Amber the next day and say you want to take a few days off for treatment because you’re sick? So, Amber, including us, are very concerned about you and The Everett.

“You went to the hospital today, and we received the news very quickly. But when we rushed over, you happened to leave there already. Mr. Craig said you’re about to go abroad, and your family said you might not be coming back anymore. So when Nerola and I heard the news, we could only chase after you.”



Lana held Ninian’s arm, faked her cries, and said, “Ninian, do you really not plan to come back anymore? Have you forgotten our promises?

Ninian could not help but burst out laughing, and her gaze was bright.

Nerola wrapped her arms around her chest, clicked her tongue, and said, “It looks like we were fooled by Mr. Craig. Ninian doesn’t look gloomy and sad as if she is leaving us forever. If she’s not coming back anymore, she must have already cried and talked to The Everett.”

Nerola looked alert, and her gaze was extremely sharp. She could roughly guess the whole incident in a minute.

“Really? Ninian, do you still plan to come back? So, are you just heading out to travel for some time?” Lana blinked as she looked at Ninian, and she said, “Wu… Ninian! Since you’re running away, can you take me along? I’m your assistant!”

Ninian widened her eyes, and she looked slightly lost.

Take Lana along?

Could she do this?

Her gaze was inquiring, and Lana nodded strongly. “My job scope is to take care of you. If you leave, and an energetic person like me is with you, I’m sure that you can be happy every day, and you’ll immediately recover!” “She will be angry all the time, won’t she?” Nerola heartlessly exposed her. Listening to their quarrel, Ninian could not help but chuckle.

She would always welcome Lana’s company, but… she did not know whether her brothers and sisters agreed.

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