Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1246

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Free online novel

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1246

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1246

Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

Right after Ninian came up with the question, she heard a calm and powerful voice from the side. “Sure.”

Ninian and the others turned back. They saw that George had already gotten out of the car and walked toward them. Harold had even followed him from behind to join the fun.

Perhaps George’s imposing manner and dignity were too strong, but Lana immediately got a hold of herself and stopped holding Ninian’s shoulders. Nerola stood a little straighter too. She flashed a distant yet polite faint smile, appearing totally different from her previous reckless and unserious self.

“Mr. Winters!”

“Mr. Winters!”

The two of them greeted George at the same time.

George nodded to greet them, while behind him, Harold joked, “Why isn’t anyone greeting me?”

Nerola was slightly startled before she smiled. “Hi, Harold.”

Lana stuck out her tongue and sighed. “Because you’re not as good-looking as Mr. Winters!”

“Hey!” Harold put his arms on his waist. Why do you little girls always attack me? Have you fallen for me?”

When Lana heard this, she nearly died laughing. “Young Master Harold, you’re really shameless!”

George noticed their banter, and the delight hidden in his eyes grew brighter as if he had just caught gossip about his own brother.



“Hal, Ms. Lana is a girl. You have to give in to her more,” George said.

Harold’s handsome face instantly darkened, and he lowered his profound almond eyes.

But Lana giggled. “Thank you, George! Ah, no! You’re Mr. Winters!”

“It’s fine. You can call me George the same way you call Harold… and Ninian.” George was rarely friendly to a strange girl, and he said, “Would you like to go to Frica and take care of Ninian? I’ll get the visa done for you. Once you’re there, I’ll count on you to take care of them!”

Lana was stunned. The feeling of being treated politely by the noble Mr. Winters was so great. Sob! It touched her so much that she wanted to cry!

She immediately patted her chest and heroically gave him her guarantee. “Don’t worry, George. Just leave Ninian to me!”

“And Hal…”

“You can count on me for that too!”

George pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose in satisfaction. He smiled faintly and said, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome! It’s a piece of cake!”

The two of them happily reached an agreement and did not care about one of the parties involved at the side.

“When did I say I want to go to Frica? I still need to handle a project in my lab! Besides, why do I need a little girl to take care of me? This is insulting!” Harold said sadly and angrily.



“Oh.” George glanced at him. “Would you like to go home and continue receiving the family punishment?”

Harold was speechless.

He turned back and sincerely looked at Lana. ” Please take care of me during this trip to Frica. I hope we’ll have a happy journey!”

The corners of Lana’s lips instantly twitched.

Where was Young Master Harold’s integrity? It was all broken into pieces!

Ninian was still slightly dumbfounded, and she was curious about why George would behave so pleasantly toward Lana. Nerola leaned close to Ninian’s ear, and something shone brightly in her beautiful eyes.

“I didn’t expect your cold and calm eldest brother to have the potential to be a matchmaker.”

Ninian was puzzled.

“Look, doesn’t he seem like a gossiper from the way he’s looking at Harold and Lana?”

When Ninian looked over, the corners of her lips instantly twitched.

Wow, he really did.

It looked like after George hurriedly glanced at the car last time and misunderstood Lana’s relationship with Harold, he had happily started trying to get them together. When she thought about it and looked at the two energetic people, she could not help but sigh too. What a happy couple!

She just did not know who would be aware of it first in the end!

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It looked like she could watch it unfold when they went to Frica.

Besides, Brooklyn was already desperately waiting for Melody. He had even sent her a message to seek help.

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