Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1248

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Free online novel

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1248

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1248

Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei


Ninian turned around and looked at him before she followed his gaze. She was momentarily stunned, but her eyes soon crinkled.

She took out her phone and typed. [Al, who are you asking about?]

Alden turned around and glanced at her, seeing the teasing look in her eyes.

He reached out to flick her smooth and fair forehead.

Ninian immediately held her forehead. She was in so much pain that she frowned.

“You dare tease your brother. Are you that bold now?” Alden glanced at her and said softly.

Ninian frowned. She held her phone and typed to complain. [Al, you won’t get married with such an attitude!]

Alden ignored her and also stopped asking her anything. He just leaned on the soft seat, closed his eyes, and rested.

But he curled up his lips slightly.

Could not get married?

Would he care about such a trivial question?

He would know the girl’s name one day. He was not in a hurry.



The car was driven all the way to the airport. Lana and Harold made noise at the back, while Alden and George closed their eyes to rest. Ninian and Melody were just chatting about something. They communicated using WhatsApp and would exchange looks from time to time, flashing cheeky smiles.

Soon, the car stopped outside the airport.

George looked at Ninian, and his cold eyes were filled with worry.

“Take good care of yourself while you’re there. I know that you don’t plan on staying there for a very long time, but I won’t allow you to come back in a short period.”

He did not just want to stop her from meeting Everett, but he was also afraid that she would be in danger. After all, Rowan was still hiding in the dark, and they could do much about that. Ninian frowned slightly.

Before she could speak, Lana already moved forward. She held Ninian’s hand while she looked at George with a serious expression.

“Mr. Winters, Ninian still has work here. Her shooting has entered the last stage. If she doesn’t come back for a long time, it will drag the crew’s progress!”

When George heard this, he frowned a little.

He never cared about Ninian’s work in the entertainment industry, and he did not want Ninian to enter the entertainment industry either.


When he saw the anxiety and seriousness in Lana’s eyes before he saw the determination and persistence in Ninian’s eyes, he made a concession.



“After your voice recovers, I’ll go and pick you up in person. Quit the industry after you complete filming. It’s not suitable for you.”

Lana sighed in relief, but when she heard the remaining sentence, her expression changed slightly.

Before she was able to speak, Ninian already stepped forth in advance.

She looked at George in a serious and stubborn manner, while she made hand gestures that said, ‘I like it.’

“You like the entertainment industry?”

George narrowed his eyes a bit “Do you like your work in the entertainment industry or Everett?”

The atmosphere instantly became tense.

Alden’s expression also darkened slightly. Only Harold hesitated to speak from the side.

After Ninian took out her phone and typed a large paragraph, she handed it to George, and they were in a stalemate.

[ I did join the entertainment industry because of Everett, but I like the industry because I enjoy acting out the life of different characters. I’m happy to be able to play the characters, and I also take pride in the fans’ recognition.]

It was her first time expressing enthusiasm for her work and career clearly.


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