Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1249

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Free online novel

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1249

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1249

Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

Her eyes were also full of determination and passion.

The members of the Winters family were not surprised by her gaze.

George had a similar gaze when he was named a legend in the business industry. Harold also had the same when he researched more

advanced robots in his own lab. Alden showed it too when he invaded enemy defenses and built his own security system.

Even Melody who was usually indifferent displayed the same gaze when she stood on the stage.

It was a gaze that did not allow any rejection.

“George, Grapie is really fond of the entertainment industry. I’ve secretly watched her acting. She’s very talented and also very happy,” Harold finally could not help but


He was the first among the siblings who had discovered Ninian’s love for this career, so he made an investment and joined the industry. He wanted to protect his sister.

He had been supporting her for a long time.

Harold pouted before he said, “I know that you’re traumatized because she was in danger in the past, but we can’t destroy Grapie’s dream because of our own worries, right?

“If we worry about her, we can send more people to protect her. Our country is safe. There won’t be that many problems. I’ll also look after her in the industry.‘



Harold’s words shook the people present.

George pursed his lips but did not say yes or no. He just said, “We’ll talk about this later. Take good care of your voice first and wait for me to pick you up.”

Lana gently pulled Ninian’s sleeve with a

worried look.

Ninian finally cooled down and breathed out gently.

Then, she moved forward and held George’s waist.

George was slightly startled before happiness flashed in his eyes.

He knew that his baby sister was trying to be


He hugged her slim waist, tussled her hair with his big palm, and tenderly said, “Be a good girl.”

After they hugged each other warmly for a while, she walked into the boarding gate together with Harold, Melody, and Lana.

As their figures gradually disappeared, Alden turned back and looked into George’s eyes. Their expressions darkened slightly.

“George, you don’t want Grapie to return to

the entertainment industry. Apart from her safety, you’re also worried about Everett, right?”

George pursed his lips and did not deny it.



Only Alden always understood his thoughts the most.

“I don’t want Grapie to give up on her dream,” Alden said.

George frowned slightly. “How are you going to handle Everett?”

“That mysterious person in Ufrya previously was Everett, right? His network skills are quite good.” Alden rarely complimented someone. He narrowed his eyes, and coldness shone within them. “Since he’s not bad, I naturally have to ask him for advice.”

“Do you want to use him quitting the entertainment industry as the bargaining chip?” George guessed Alden’s thoughts very quickly, but he did not agree. “What will you

use in exchange?”

Being in their position, it was natural to talk about an equal duel.

Since he wanted Everett, the popular best actor, to quit the entertainment industry, his bargaining chip was naturally not small.

“I’ll use myself as the bargaining chip.” Alden’s gaze was cold and dark as he said, “As long as he can defeat me, I won’t interfere with their relationship anymore.”

“Al, you…” Something strange flashed in George’s expression before he smiled as if he understood something.

Alden was really cunning with his condition.

He might not interfere, but that did not mean the other members of the Winters family could not interfere. Even if he lost, Everett would not gain any real advantage.

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But Everett would not be able to turn this offer


George narrowed his eyes slightly, and sharp light shone in his eyes.

He kind of looked forward to seeing Everett’s reaction when he learned about the bet.

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