Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1251

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Free online novel

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1251

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1251

Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

Raina finally became annoyed by the

situation. She stepped on George’s foot with great force and pushed him away while he was in pain. Then, she speedily ran into the Winters family’s car.

George just felt the back of his foot become numb, and he was in so much pain that he nearly gasped. Luckily, his in–born CEO demeanor and patience did not make him lose his cool.

He flashed a gentlemanly smile at the crowd before he also got into the extended Lincoln .

Behind him, there were fangirling voices and howling.

“Oh, God! How could such a handsome and rich gentleman have a girlfriend?”

“His partner is so pretty! Her temperament is great too! They look so close!”

“I’m envious of them!”

The car left as they gasped in surprise.

In the car, Raina’s beautiful face was cold as she glared at him.

“Where’s Ninian? I came back to visit her.”

George stroked his nose and said, “Sadly, she just left. She left with Mel.”

“Ninian’s gone?” Raina was slightly startled before she purposely said, “Fine, I’ll go back then. It’s meaningless to come back, anyway.

As she spoke, she pretended to get up, but a long and slender arm stopped her.



George grabbed her slim waist and squeezed her in his arms. His gaze was slightly cold and menacing. “It’s meaningless to come back?”

Raina nodded. “Yes… Mmm.”

Before she could finish her sentence, the man kissed her aggressively.

“Let’s do something interesting then…’

In Perthwick, Frica, the plane landed. Those who came and left were handsome blond men and beautiful blonde women.

However, the appearance of Ninian and the group still captured the crowd’s attention very quickly.

“It’s Melody Winters! Melody Winters, the musician!”

“She’s really gorgeous and talented!”

Someone greeted her in Frican.

“Ms. Winters! Mr. Ortiz is waiting for you in

the resting lounge there!”

Brooklyn was very famous in the country.

Apart from his talent and status, his

handsome appearance and noble

temperament really made it hard to forget him.



However, nearly everyone knew that for many

years, their prince had loved a princess, Melody Winters.

Not only Brooklyn’s family members, but even the nosy crowd would bet and watch when Brooklyn could pursue his princess.

When Melody heard the greeting, she smiled faintly, and her gaze became slightly warm.

When Brooklyn wanted to go back with her, she turned him down because the musical concert in Frica was in preparation. Since she had to leave, Brooklyn could not be gone.

At that time, Brooklyn’s expression darkened, and he was gloomy.

She initially thought that he would not pick her

up from the airport since he was angry, so Melody did not tell him about her flight.

Unexpectedly, he had learned about it in

advance and came.

Melody took the group toward the VIP resting lounge.

The moment they pushed open the door, nearly everyone was stunned.

Melody was lost and in disbelief, while Harold’s expression instantly darkened.

Was Brooklyn seeking death?

The resting lounge was full of champagne- colored roses, and it was extremely romantic.

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Balloons were hanging everywhere, and beautiful fresh flowers decorated the place. The color matching was advanced and bright.

Melody covered her mouth in shock, while Ninian and Lana smiled in relief. “Wow…”

Lana said as she dragged her voice.

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