Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1252

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Free online novel

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1252

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1252

Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

When they walked further in, there Brooklyn was, looking noble and handsome. He was in a white suit and holding a bouquet of roses in the same color.

He stared at Melody affectionately, and his eyes seemed to look slightly nervous.

“Mel, welcome back!”

“Brooklyn, you…” Melody was stunned. She did not expect to receive such a surprise. Was this not too high–key and grand?

Noticing her confusion, Brooklyn shyly explained, “I was angry at you, so I didn’t

send you off. I regretted it for a long time. So, I thought that I had to come and pick you up. I wanted to give you a surprise, and I was hoping that you could forgive me.”

This was too… surprising, okay?

Chapter 1252

When Melody saw the crowd watching the show at the side taking photos and videos, her delicate face turned completely red. Her usually indifferent eyes also became watery. She did not know if she should feel awkward

or happy.

Brooklyn walked over and handed the flower bouquet to her. His eyes were expectant.

Melody was not used to being surrounded and watched like that, but her heart still softened when she saw the man’s blue and profound




Just as she was about to raise her hand and take the flowers, another arm moved faster than hers to speedily grab the flower bouquet.

Everyone was stunned, and Melody also became startled.

When she looked over, she saw Harold’s affectionate almond eyes.

He smiled in a coquettish way, but his eyes

Chapter 1252

were not filled with smiles.


“This flower bouquet is really nice. It fits my temperament.” Harold grinned and looked at Brooklyn. “Thank you.”

Brooklyn was speechless.

Melody and the rest found themselves speechless too.

The crowd that was watching the show even rolled their eyes at him.

Come on! The flower bouquet was clearly understated and elegant. It did not match his alluring and fiery temperament!

Where did this brat come from? He dared to

separate their dream man from the goddess!



Was he also one of Melody’s suitors?

The onlookers instantly stared at Harold in alarm. It looked like they wanted to move forward to beat him up and carry him away.

Unexpectedly, Harold looked at the flowers

Chapter 1252


and smiled before he turned around and gave them to Lana.

“Take it to help you control your wildness.”

Lana was puzzled.

Wildness? He was… Um, okay, he was the wild one!

Lana frowned and took the flower bouquet.

Brooklyn totally froze at the side. He was angry, but he dared not say a thing.

How noble and great Harold was! He dared to take Brooklyn’s present and use it as a favor!

Brooklyn looked at Melody in disappointment, but he saw her eyes, which were filled with delight.

He instantly smiled too, and his mood subconsciously improved.


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“Mel, the flower bouquet isn’t important . I still have a present that I want to give you, Brooklyn whispered to Melody.

“Present?” Melody was surprised.


The big–eyed Ninian blinked, and she was extremely curious.

“Present?” Harold narrowed his eyes dangerously. Was this brat not done yet?

“Let’s talk after we get back.” Brooklyn flashed her a mysterious smile. “I’ll give you a surprise at the musical concert.”

Right after he said that, the crowd instantly became gloomy. Melody was the only one who smiled tenderly and said, “Okay, we’re not in a hurry.”

The siblings decided to leave when they saw more and more people gathering nearby.

Brooklyn subconsciously took Melody’s suitcase, but Harold held his shoulders.

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