Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1254

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Free online novel

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1254

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1254

Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

“What’s wrong, Baby Mel?

“Is there something that we didn’t take good care of?”

Brooklyn’s mother tenderly asked her, and his grandmother, as well as his father, also looked friendly and worried. It was as if they were afraid of causing them trouble.

“No, everything is good here! You’re very nice!” Melody tried to explain, “But my sister is still young, and they’re very playful. I’m afraid that they will disturb you.

“What kind of silly things are you talking about? We’re very happy that our house is lively!” Brooklyn’s grandmother said in a coquettish way.

Brooklyn’s father seemed to ponder for a while before he said, “It’s fine. It’s okay if you want to stay outside. You should feel happy

and comfortable. That’s most important.”

Brooklyn’s mother tenderly added, “If you want, just tell us the hotel address. We can get the chef to deliver whatever you want to eat.”

When Ninian heard their response, her initial discomfort was instantly alleviated.

Brooklyn’s family was overly enthusiastic, but they still cared about their thoughts and Mel’s in general. They also expressed their concern and care in a very tender way, and they would not make people feel unnecessarily burdened.

When Ninian saw Melody look over with an inquiring gaze, she nodded and grinned to say




Only then did Melody reply to them.

They had a good time at the table.

When Brooklyn came back, Ninian and Lana were having fun talking to his family, while Melody was sitting at the side. Her expression was also full of joy and doting affection.

His eyes were filled with surprise, and he immediately felt uncontrollably happy too.

He smiled and walked forward. After a servant

put a chair beside Melody, he took his seat.

“You’re back. Where’s my brother?” Melody looked at him, and her beautiful eyes were filled with understanding.

Brooklyn stroked his nose in embarrassment and said, “Harold said he’s tired, so he’s resting in the hotel. He didn’t come over.


Tired? Ninian leaned forward, and her eyes were full of curiosity.

“Is he tired or injured? Does he still have the ability to move?” Lana also leaned forward and asked nosily. She asked the questions that

Ninian wanted to ask but could not because of

her illness.



“Ahem, how could he be?” When Brooklyn heard this, he instantly did not know whether he should cry or laugh. How could he have the


audacity to injure his second brother–in–law so severely?

“When Harold ‘expressed his concerns‘ to

me, he accidentally fell down and injured his face, so he… Ahem.”

Right after he said this, everyone understood.

He was not injured or tired. Young Master Harold reaped what he had sown. He fell down and injured his face, so he dared not see

anyone now.

“Mr. Ortiz, is it convenient for you to provide Young Master Harold’s hotel location and room number? Haha! I want to visit him!” Lana smiled in a cheeky way. Her big, bright eyes were full of cunning and scheming.

Ninian initially wanted to visit him, but the thought was immediately dispersed at this


She motioned to Melody, and Melody

understood before she looked at Brooklyn.



Brooklyn felt surprised but did not hesitate. He told Lana the address and room number, and he even arranged for a driver to send her


After Lana left, Brooklyn’s grandmother and parents revealed nosy expressions.

“Ms. Sutton and Young Master Harold…”

Ninian grinned, and her eyes crinkled. She wore an expression that indicated “everyone knows.”

The snoops instantly smiled.

Only Brooklyn felt slightly anxious. He would constantly observe Ninian’s expression.

Technically, she had already received his message for help.

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