Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1255

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Free online novel

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1255

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1255

Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

When would she be willing to help him get together with Melody? Things were getting


After Ninian happily had a meal in Brooklyn’s house, she went back to the hotel where

Harold was.

When she entered her room, she immediately took out her phone and had a remote video

call with Everett.

When Ninian looked at the young man who had clearly slimmed down and become very haggard on the screen, her eyes were filled with pain.

[Baby, what’s wrong with you? Are you feeling unwell?] Ninian had purposely prepared a writing board. After she wrote some words down, she raised it up and showed Everett.

When Everett saw her actions, his expression

clearly froze, and pain crossed his black eyes.

He tried his best to curl his lips. He smiled and comforted her. “No, my body is recovering very well. Don’t worry.”

As he said this, he paused before he tenderly said, “I want to finish dealing with things here as soon as possible. Then, I’ll go and pick

you up.



[You have to be careful. Rowan Craig is cruel and cunning. Don’t deal with him on your own. Both of our families can attack him together.]

Ninian wrote very quickly, but because there were too many words, it still took some time.

Everett just waited quietly. He looked at her side profile, and his eyes were full of longing and guilt that he could not suppress.

If it were not because of him, she would not have to experience all this.

When Ninian turned back and raised the

board, he schooled his expression again.

When Everett saw the girl cover up his shortcomings, he smiled and said, “I know.”

Ninian thought of going back to film the makeup scenes, so she happily wrote on the board. [Oh yeah, I may go back very soon. When the time comes, I’ll secretly go and meet you!]

“You’re coming back to film the makeup scenes for Elliot White, right?”

Hmm? Ninian looked at him in surprise. Her watery eyes were clearly asking him, ‘How did you know?‘

Everett nearly could not stop smiling.

He said, “I guessed it. After all, you’re so professional. It’s impossible for you to irresponsibly abandon ‘Elliot White‘ and ‘ Abelardo Fitzgerald.“”


“Abelardo Fitzgerald” was the role played by




There was another meaning to his statement, and Ninian blushed slightly.

She grinned and wrote on the board. [Of course! I’ll never leave my baby, Everett!]

When Everett saw her determined smile, he just felt a hit to his heart, and the blood throughout his body boiled.

He gulped as if he was suppressing his emotions. He spoke extremely gently, “I’ll never leave you.”

After the two of them looked at each other and

smiled, Ninian excitedly gossiped about her

brother and sister.

Everett also enjoyed the coziness and warmth

of the moment.

The two of them talked for a long time. It was only after Ninian felt sleepy that Everett was willing to hang up and let her rest.

While Ninian started washing up, Everett took

out his laptop and logged on to a website.

He actually did not guess the news of Ninian coming back to film the makeup scenes, but he analyzed it according to some bits and


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After all, her extremely mysterious third eldest brother, Alden, had suddenly sent him an invitation for a bet, and the aim was to make him quit the entertainment industry for a short time.

Other than Ninian wanting to come back for filming, he could not come up with other analyses.

He simply replied with an “okay,” and the bet was established.

He turned on his phone, and he was in a stalemate with Alden on the other side.

Sharpness crossed his cold and strong eyes.


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