Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1257

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Free online novel

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1257

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1257

Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

‘Look at other people. They are all couples. Are you jealous?”

When Melody saw the way Ninian looked, she frowned even more.

Was Grapie blinded by love?

Their elder brothers did not refuse to let Ninian go back after staying here for the time being because they considered her disease and emotion, but this little brat was not satisfied.

Then, before Melody was able to say anything, she was dragged into a cinema hall by Ninian, and she took a seat.

Holding a huge bucket of popcorn, she could only surrender to fate and watch the movie together.

The movie was about how a pair of childhood sweethearts knew and guarded each other before they eventually became lovers and got married.

The storyline was close to life, and the emotion was also very delicate.

Melody was really moved. When she looked at Ninian, she pondered again. Grapie and Everett did not seem to be childhood sweethearts, right?

Soon, a new movie was about to be played, so they switched halls.

This movie was still similarly about love that relied on and guarded each other mutually. After watching it, people looked forward to the beauty of love.

When Ninian looked at Melody with expectation and asked about her feelings, Melody contemplated deeply for a while and said, “Other than Hal, I can’t think of anyone else who grew up with you as a



childhood sweetheart.”

Ninian was speechless.

[Mel, you can’t just limit your sights on me. Think about yourself!] Ninian speedily wrote a sentence on her phone before she showed it to Melody.

Melody said in puzzlement, “I did grow up with you, but we are sisters. We can’t get married.”

Ninian found herself speechless.

She felt dizzy.

She was increasingly able to understand Brooklyn’s feelings now. It had been so many years, and he had really suffered a lot.

Ninian surrendered to her fate as she dragged Melody to watch the third movie.

There were some ups and downs in this movie. It was still about the same beautiful love, but there were some obstacles. A car accident nearly separated the male and female lead.

When the female lead looked at the bedridden male lead, she was extremely sad. She also regretted fooling around with him previously and not treating him tenderly.

Luckily, the ending was happy. In the end, the male lead became conscious, and the female lead wept with tears of joy. The two of them hugged each other.

After watching this last movie, Ninian had already yawned for a long time.

But Melody seemed to be thinking about something.

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“We may not own the things that we think are very usual in the next moment. Natural and man–made disasters and countless accidents can possibly change everything now. So, we have to cherish the moment and not let down people whom we love.”

Someone discussed their feelings at the side.

Melody was stunned and lost in thoughts.

“Let’s go back, Mel.” Ninian yawned and spoke with a hoarse voice.

Although she could not speak a long sentence or speak clearly, she could still communicate in a simple manner.

Melody nodded before she walked out with Ninian.

It was very crowded. A kid noisily rushed forward, and he accidentally hit Melody.

Melody happened to be walking down the staircase. As she was caught off guard, she sprained her ankle and fell down.

“Mel!” Ninian screamed.

She wanted to grab Melody’s hand, but she could not make it in time.

At that critical moment, a pair of warm and broad arms held Melody.

When Melody saw the person’s eyes, she was startled as she said, “Brooklyn…”

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