Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1256

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Free online novel

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1256

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1256

Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

A night had passed, and Melody’s musical concert was still in preparation.

When Ninian saw the tickets that were sold out in a second, her eyes were full of compliments and envy.

When could she be liked by so many people like Melody?

“Are you jealous?” Lana saw through her thoughts. She grinned and said, “If you stay longer in the entertainment industry, you’ll experience bigger fame.”

When Ninian heard it, her eyes crinkled, and she wrote on the board. [Will it be bigger than Everett’s concert?]

Never forget that she was Everett’s die–hard fan in the past.

Although Everett was a capable actor now, he had debuted on a talent show. He was good at singing and dancing. When he held a concert, the stadium would be nearly full.

He was once called the legend of the entertainment industry.

When Lana heard that, she instantly appeared stunned. ” What the heck? I forgot ‘the Everett’s‘ glorious achievement. It looks like I can’t lure you with this.”

[Don’t panic. I’ll surely go back to the entertainment industry.] Ninian wrote.

She could stay here and rest at ease now because she had applied for a sick leave from the crew. Besides, she did



not have as many scenes as the male and female leads, so it was fine for her progress to be slightly delayed.

After her voice recovered, she would go back and chase after her dream.

Thanks to the relaxed mood and assistance of the medication, she could already make some light sounds.

After breakfast, Ninian went to her sister, while Lana sneaked into Harold’s room and heartlessly laughed at him again.

From afar, Ninian could hear her brother’s tragic roar. Shut up, child! I’m the most handsome man in the world!”

Lana’s heartless mocking laughter could be vaguely heard.

Ninian rubbed her arms and had goosebumps.

Poor Harold. He still had a long life ahead of him, so he could enjoy it. There was finally someone who could control him and torment him.

Ninian mourned for Harold as usual before she got out of the elevator. She then left the hotel and went to Melody’s workplace.

The relationship between Melody and Brooklyn was still in a stalemate. Ninian called Everett, and he gave her an idea, so she planned to find an opportunity and try it.

After Melody finished her tasks related to the musical concert, Ninian dragged her to the cinema.

“Why are we coming to the cinema for a movie?” Melody was slightly lost. They had a family theater, so they did not need to come out and watch with other people.



[I’m bringing you here to feel the mortal world.] Ninian grinned as she wrote on a card and placed it in Melody’s hand.

Melody raised her eyebrows slightly but did not interrupt Ninian’s fun. After she simply put on a mask with Ninian, they blended in with the crowd.

[We have sufficient time tonight. We can watch a few movies in a row.] Ninian typed the words and sent them to Melody.

Melody was baffled. “Why are we watching a few movies in a row? Do you have so many movies that you want to watch?”

Ninian flashed a cunning smile before she handed the tickets that she had bought to Melody.

Melody took a glance and almost fainted.

All of them were romantic movies!

This little girl was still young, but why was love the only thing on her mind?

However, Melody did not realize that Ninian also felt restless when she looked at her.

Her sister was an adult, but why could she still not get the point like a kid?

Everett had suggested that Ninian try to bring Melody around people so that she could watch the hustle and bustle. It could make her naturally come up with an expectation and desire to share.

Ninian thought it was great. She even directly brought her to watch a romantic film.

She should be enlightened, right?

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Ninian held Melody’s hand, pointed at the couples who walked into the cinema hall, and motioned at her in an effort to give a hint.

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