Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1263

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Free online novel

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1263

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1263

Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

The servants had been instructed not to go inside and disturb him.

Duncan also paced back and forth outside the door a few times. He was overwhelmed with an urge, but he still dared not open the door.

Listening to the light tapping sounds on the keyboard, Duncan knew that Everett must be busy with something serious.

But Everett did not eat, drink, or sleep for such a long time.

Duncan could not help but frown.

If he still stayed up like this, how could his body bear it?

While Duncan could not help but want to knock on the door, the tapping sound inside the room finally stopped.

He was slightly startled before he looked happy and waited outside the door.

Indeed, not long later, the door of the room was pulled open, and Everett walked out tiringly.

When he saw Duncan, he was clearly stunned. “Duncan? Why are you here?”

“I’m guarding you. I was afraid that you’d suddenly die!”

Duncan said angrily. He raised his wristwatch and showed Everett. “Look at it. What time is it now? You’ve been inside for nearly eight hours!”

“Eight hours?”



Everett raised his eyebrows slightly and chuckled. “He’s indeed the master of hackers. I’m really convinced.”

“What master of hackers? Are you talking about Alden Winters?” Duncan speedily caught the information, and asked, “Were you racing with Alden?”

Everett answered, “He brought up a bet. If I win, he will no longer interfere between Ninian and me.”

“So, how’s the result?” Duncan’s eyes were full of tension and anticipation.

He put aside whether Alden would stop them or not. The point was that if Alden lost to his brother, Everett’s

reputation would only grow again!

George was so arrogant now, but he might need to be humbler in front of him next time because his younger brother was more excellent!

Duncan could not help but feel excited as a result.

How proud he was to have such an outstanding younger brother!

While Duncan looked at Everett enthusiastically, Everett smiled faintly and indifferently said, “Make a guess.”

Duncan was speechless.

Everett did not say the result. He just ignored Duncan, walked down the revolving staircase, and said loudly, Madam Mary, is there any food? I’m hungry.”

“Oh, yes! I’ve been keeping it warm for you!”



Everett relaxingly walked down the staircase, while Everett hesitated to speak at the back.

This brat intended to torment him!

At the same time in the Winters family’s mansion, George looked at his watch again and again. His expression was filled with fatigue that he could not cover.

“Young Master George, do you want to take a rest first? You’ve waited here for more than seven hours already.”

“I’m fine,” George said indifferently. “No news from Young Master Alden yet?”

The housekeeper shook his head. “We haven’t received any notification yet.

When George heard this, he took a pen and started checking the documents.

But he was not focused on the documents. His thoughts were wandering.

Theoretically, he did not need to worry about Alden’s network skills. When they were small, Alden was already

gifted. With the personal guidance of their father, he already became an expert.

However, in this race between Alden and Everett, there was still no result after seven hours. He finally felt worried without realizing.

No one had ever persisted for such a long time under Alden’s attack, and the battle was clearly in a stalemate.

This made him become more and more uneasy.



While he was absentminded, the phone at home finally rang.

After the housekeeper answered the call, he immediately raised his voice to spread the good news. “Young Master George! Young Master Alden’s assistant says his race with Young Master Everett finally ends!”

“How’s the result?” George said with a bright gaze. “Who won?”

After the housekeeper asked around, he answered with a strange expression, “Young Master George, Young

Master Alden says, ‘You can guess.‘

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