Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1264

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Free online novel

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1264

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1264

Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

Nobody knew who had won in the race between Alden and Everett.

They just knew that after they competed for more than eight hours, they never talked about this since then. Neither of them was happy nor unhappy.

But Alden indeed did not interfere with Everett and Ninian’s relationship anymore.

This battle would be considered an unsolved mystery in hacker history.

Many years later, Alden’s son would inherit his career. The four–year–old boy would sit in front of the computer, look at his father with admiration, and ask, “Daddy, have you lost before?”

“Yes.” After remaining silent for a long time, Alden would say, “That race was a tie, but he was younger than me. So, it was also considered a loss for me.”

“Who’s this person?”

Alden would tussle his boy’s head without answering.

When Nerola asked Alden in private why he refused to say that the person was Everett, he would narrow his menacing eyes slightly.

“Our son already admires that brat, Everett, now. If he knows that his father lost to that brat, will he still look up to me?” he said in a righteous manner.

He was very prideful.

When Nerola saw him looking so childish, she would smile and shake her head.



When they first met, she never thought that the cold and arrogant man would act shamelessly like that.

But it would be clearly too late for her to regret it.

She would already be controlled by the father and son.

Naturally, all of this happened later.

In Frica, Ninian soon received news from Everett, saying that Alden had been handled.

Ninian was surprised and happy as she looked at Melody and Harold.

Ever since Lana had gone to laugh at Harold that night, they had begun to get along in a very strange way.

The reckless Lana started dodging him. She dared not stare into Harold’s eyes now.

Meanwhile, Harold also had changed his previous reckless and unrestrained demeanor. He seemed calm and steady now. He would even peek at Lana at the dining table from time to time, but he would not look at her for a long time. He would always peek at her before secretly looking away.

Ninian and Melody held their bowls of oatmeal and exchanged looks. They saw the nosiness in each other’s eyes.

This time, after Harold finished his breakfast and went out to work, Melody and Ninian stopped Lana at the same time.

“Lana, tell us honestly. Is there something going on between you and Hal?”

After Ninian received treatment for some time and felt relaxed, her voice recovered.

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She teased Lana, while her gaze was full of mockery.

She initially thought that Lana would immediately deny and refute her.

Unexpectedly, the little girl who was always fearless instantly blushed. Her eyes were dodgy, and she also muttered, “No… no! Don’t say nonsense…”

This time, Ninian was truly surprised. “Did you… really…”

“No! I didn’t!” Lana’s face was completely red. She immediately got up and ran to her room as if she was escaping. “I… I still have something to do! I’m not talking to you now!”

She went back to her room in a hurry, and she did not come out again after a long time.

Melody and Ninian’s expressions became serious.

Could it be that the two of them really…

At night, Harold’s two sisters blocked him at the corner of the wall while they interrogated him.

“No, I really didn’t!” Harold wanted to cry. “I swear I really didn’t take huge advantage of her!”

“So, did you take little advantage of her?” Ninian’s gaze was sharp.

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