Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1268

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Free online novel

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1268

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1268

Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

“Book a flight ticket to Perthwick for me. I’m going to settle this with that brat, Brooklyn, in person!”

George gritted his teeth in anger.

It was Melody who had taken the initiative to propose to him in public!

How could the elder brothers accept this?

Their baby, Mel, had always been a treasure they pampered. No man was good enough for her, and they could never covet her.

What ability did Brooklyn have? He was with her all the time, so he was getting together with her now. He did not even pass the brothers‘ challenge, yet he could make Melody so obsessed that she took the initiative to pursue him. She even proposed to him!

George could not dwell on it. When he thought about it, he would get so angry that he felt dizzy, and he wanted to kill someone.

Harold had the same thoughts too.

“I knew that brat didn’t have good intentions! I thought Melody wasn’t enlightened previously, but who would have known that the b*stard would silently steal our baby sister?! No way, I have to call Melody and ask her to take back her words!”

Ninian did not know whether to cry or laugh when she saw how agitated her brothers were.

She was still rather surprised about this.



She knew that her sister was slow to find enlightenment, but she did not know that once her sister was enlightened, she would become so brilliant that she would make such a shocking move.

It was really unbelievable!

However, if her elder brothers really rushed over there, she wondered what kind of fuss they would make.

“George, Hal, please remain calm first.” Ninian stopped them and said, “It’s already too late even if you get there now. Besides, Mel has always been opinionated. Since she’s made such a move, it proves that she has already considered it. Even if you go over, you won’t change her mind.”

“We have to still try.” George snorted and said, “That brat dares to target a Winters family member only because our family has never punched him before.”

“I’m going to kill him now!” Harold said gloomily.

“Brothers, have you already forgotten another thing?” Ninian cleared her throat and said, “Let’s guess if Daddy and Mommy have already learned about this.”

Right after she said this, George and Harold’s expressions clearly changed a little.

No matter where the Winters family members were, they would never miss Melody’s musical concert, even if it was an online live stream.

Therefore, they must already know.

Perhaps they were already rushing to Frica.

“If you and Hal go to Frica now, when Daddy can’t teach Mel a lesson, who will be the tool for Daddy to vent his anger?” Ninian tilted her head and acted as if she was puzzled. “Oh, I really can’t figure it out.

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George and Harold were speechless. Could she put away the anticipation in her eyes for a good show?

What Ninian said successfully dismissed George and Harold’s thoughts of going to Frica.

After all, they could also rest assured when their daddy and mommy took action.

Their mommy would stop their daddy so that the fuss would not become too big.

But Ninian wondered what Alden’s reaction would be.

She could only pray that Alden was still locked up in the dark house to serve people, clueless about anything outside.

Ninian looked at the sky and sighed emotionally.

‘Mel, Brooklyn, this is the most I can do to help you. You have to take the rest of the road by yourselves.‘

The sky was already bright after the family stayed up late to watch Melody’s musical concert.

Ninian could not bear it anymore. She went back to her bedroom and rested.

Before she slept, she tapped open her phone, and the trends on Twitter were already occupied by news about Melody and Brooklyn.

As an outstanding international musician, Melody’s fame in the country and overseas was no less than that of famous celebrities in the entertainment industry.

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