Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1269

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Free online novel

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1269

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1269

Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

Melody’s status was noble, her appearance was stunning,and her temperament was indifferent as well as extraordinary.

Her number of fans in the world was also impressive.

Brooklyn was also in the same situation.

Therefore, their news shocked the whole world.

Ninian could not resist her urge. She just retweeted Melody’s official announcement and commented. (I hope my sister and brother–in–law will stay in love forever! Muacks!]

After she posted the tweet and sent a message to Everett to apply for a day off, she fell asleep.

By the time she woke up, it was already in the afternoon.

She charged her phone, which was off before she turned it on again. When it was on, she realized that her phone screen was full of calls and WhatsApp messages from her agent, Amber.

She glanced at the latest message, which asked her how she planned to solve the problem.

Ninian felt puzzled as she sat on the bed and scrolled through the WhatsApp messages sent by Amber. Only then did she realize that the post she retweeted on Twitter had caused some problems.

Public opinion on the Internet had been maliciously pulled in the wrong direction. Everyone was criticizing her now.

Trends that mocked her had been two of the top three trending topics. One was Melody’s official tweet, while the other one was Melody’s proposal during the musical concert.



The tweets had been full of blessings on the first two days, but they were full of insults under the third tweet.

[This b*tch again! She rode on Everett’s popularity previously, and now she’s starting to ride on Ms. Melody’s popularity.]

[Although both Melody Winters and Ninian Winters have Winters as their family name, their status, identity, and even character, they are completely different, okay? Why is she trying to seek connections?]

[The members of the Winters family didn’t even make a statement, yet a junior actress in the entertainment industry is seeking connections and riding on their popularity. Hilarious!]

When Ninian scrolled down, they did not just criticize her for riding on Melody’s popularity, but the haters also posted many sneak shots.

There were photos of her in close proximity with others- there was an intimate photo of her with Paul on set, her photo with Harold downstairs, a photo of her receiving a large bouquet of roses, and a photo of her getting into different luxurious cars.

Other than the photos, there were also some meaningful posts. [Some people look coquettish, soft, and innocent on the surface, but they actually go to great lengths.]

Luxurious cars, a beautiful woman, and intimate photos with different men…

When this series of photos were posted, one could imagine how impactful it was.

The Internet was full of slurs.

[Is this the actress who played “Elliot White“? Elliot White is innocent. Is this woman good enough?]



[This is really disgusting. I initially fell for her appearance!]

[Do you still remember that Everett liked her post previously? Who would have expected that dream guys like Everett, Young Master Harold, and even Paul would actually be fooled by her?]

[This woman is so great at deception. She must also be great at sleeping with men, right?]

The comments below were even more unpleasant to read.

Even though Everett’s wise fans were still holding back and calling for the truth and an explanation, other fans could no longer hold themselves back. They just rushed forward and attacked Ninian nonstop.

The fans had bombarded the Twitter accounts of

Everett’s agency, Cloud Entertainment, Ninian’s agency, Younique Entertainment, the agents, Zayn and Amber, and the assistant, Lana. Even Everett and Ninian were not spared.

The comments were full of fans‘ voices as they wanted the truth.

This was a very big deal. Before the Craig family and the Winters family said anything, Cloud Entertainment and Younique Entertainment were too afraid to make any clarifications. They could only keep suppressing the trending topic.

However, this move backfired. The netizens and fans just grew more furious.

Luckily, Ninian was finally awake.

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