Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1270

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Free online novel

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1270

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1270


When Ninian pushed the door and came out, Raina and Lana were waiting downstairs.

When they saw that she had a good expression, they sighed in relief at the same time.

“Ninian, I just received the news, so I rushed over. I haven’t discussed it with Lana yet. You woke up in time. How do you think we should handle this?” Raina said straight away.

“Yes, Ninian! Amber will only take action after she receives my reply,” Lana anxiously said, “The situation is getting increasingly tense on the Internet. We have to react as soon as possible.”

“It’s fine. We’re not in a hurry.” Ninian comforted them and asked, “Where are George and Hal?”

When Raina and Lana heard this, the seriousness on their faces grew.

“They found Rowan’s hiding site and base. Now, they’re working together with Everett to attack him.”

Right after they said this, Ninian’s complexion instantly turned paler.

Rowan had deeply traumatized her. Therefore, when they mentioned Rowan now, she unwittingly thought of the

scene where Everett fell from the high floor.

Luckily, she had had a strong will since she was little. She forcefully suppressed the thought in an instant.

“No wonder they didn’t take care of the public opinion online. It turns out that they’re busy with Rowan Craig.” Ninian nodded as she understood the situation. She looked at Lana, and her gaze became calm and



determined. “Amber asked me if I could announce my status. I think it’s fine.”

She had previously hidden her status because she did not want to be found by her family. Back then, she had also not found her dream and direction yet.

Those problems were solved now. It was fine for her status to not be announced. But when such a problem and controversy appeared, it was alright for her to disclose it.

When Lana heard Ninian’s words, her eyes instantly lit


“Okay! I was waiting for this!” Lana said excitedly. “I’ll contact Amber now. We’ll study how we should officially disclose your status! After all, you’re the legendary youngest princess in the Winters family!”

Once this was disclosed, the entertainment industry would be shaken again.

Lana felt extremely excited when she thought about it. She held her phone and happily ran to the side to make

the call.

Looking at her back, Raina could not help but chuckle. She became relaxed and happy as well.

“She’s such a barrel of laughs. She’s a really nice girl.”

“She’ll become my second sister–in–law very soon.” Ninian blinked and said.

“Really?” Raina was slightly surprised before her smile grew brighter. “Very good.”

“Of course.” Ninian went forward, held her hand, and teased, “All my sisters–in–law are excellent.”


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When Raina sensed that Ninian was hinting at something else, she could not help but hold her laughter. She pointed at Ninian’s forehead. “You’re naughty!”

Before Amber could finish her discussion, Everett and the members of the Winters family returned.

When the members of the Winters family discovered the situation on the Internet, their eyes directly turned red.

“Why are you still discussing this? Just make the official announcement!

“They dare insult our princess. Don’t spare any of the accounts that left malicious comments!

“I will let them know that hiding behind the screen as keyboard warriors also has a price.”

The strategy of the Winters family was simple and straightforward.

Over in the Craig family, Everett’s expression also darkened when he read the malicious comments.

“Strategy? I don’t need it.

“I’ll make the official announcement myself.”

Zayn did not have any opposing opinions. He directly logged in to an account and handed the phone to Everett.

Soon, breaking news on the Internet kept popping out one after another.

[The CEO of Winters Corporation @ It’s Ninian: Let me introduce her to you. This is Ninian Winters, the youngest princess of the Winters family.]

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