Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1295

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Free online novel

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1295

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1295

Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

Everett slowly walked inside. His expression was calm, and his gaze was indifferent.

After he indifferently glanced at Rowan, he looked away and stood beside Ninian.

As if Rowan’s presence was insignificant, he even ignored him and did not need to cast a glance at him.

When Rowan saw Everett like this, his eyes instantly turned red. All his pretense immediately collapsed at this


He said in disbelief, “Why are you alright? How is this possible?”

Ninian frowned. She stared at him with contempt and said, “I’ve told you that the smart chip inside Everett was already taken out by my parents, but you refused to believe me. You should believe me now, right?”

Duke looked indifferent, while Adina’s gaze was faint and tender.

“You’ve been fooled. Let go of your obsession and turn back.”

“No way! This is impossible!” Rowan insanely struggled and wanted to rush toward Everett, but he could not.

“I know! I know!” He started laughing. “This must be fake! You want to force me and make me think my control is ineffective so that you can use this to set Everett free?”

When he said that, Ninian’s gaze could not help but darken. She even held her breath for a moment.



But Everett and other people had been through obstacles. They did not feel guilty conscience about this at all, and their expressions were even still calm and indifferent.

“If you don’t believe us, you can try and see if your control over Everett is still effective or not,” Adina said, As the master of the smart chip, you, the controller, should be able to sense it the most.”

Adina had been through this, and she used to suffer from this deeply, so she understood the feeling of being controlled more clearly than anyone else.

She lost all rationality and thought, and she was just like a soulless puppet.

She also knew that there was a connection between the

controller and the one being controlled. Rowan could clearly feel that he had lost his controlling ability over

Everett now.

But it was just that Rowan refused to believe it.

Therefore, she purposely triggered him, making him try his best to fight for the last time.

Indeed, Rowan’s expression darkened more. It was not hard to guess his realization and emotions at the moment.

Blue veins popped up on his forehead, and he widened his eyes. He just glared at Everett.

“It’s impossible. Why aren’t you responding?

“Everett Craig! Look at me. Look into my eyes!

“Go to die! Go to kill yourself! Kill yourself now!”



He grew increasingly unhinged, but Everett still looked calm and indifferent as usual. His expression was filled with disdain and hatred that he did not hide at all.

“Why don’t you go to die? Why aren’t you dead yet?”

Rowan kept resisting. He wanted to rush forward and strangle Everett to death, while his tone was also filled with deep hatred.

“You killed her! If it had not been for you, she wouldn’t have died! You’re a misfortune! You didn’t even spare

your own mother! You caused her to die!”

When everyone heard it, their expressions changed slightly.

Duke and Adina were not members of the Craig family, but they used to be the people in–charge of the Winters family, after all. They also had some understanding of those confidentiality events in the Craig family at that time.

Meanwhile, Ninian also had heard about these past incidents from Everett. She looked at Everett by reflex, and her gaze was filled with countless worries.

Everett did not respond, but faint red veins slowly filled his black eyes.

Ninian’s heart clenched up. She immediately went forward and held Everett’s hand.

She wanted to help Everett remain calm, but

unexpectedly, before Everett responded, Duncan already could not hold himself back.

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He directly rushed forward, grabbed Rowan by the collar, and kept punching Rowan’s face again and again.

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