Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1296

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Free online novel

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1296

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1296

Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

The thirty–year–old Duncan was the Craig family’s head who was usually mature and cunning. At this time, he had seemingly become irrational. He wished he could punch Rowan to death.

The former lady in charge of the Craig family was Duncan and Everett’s mother. Her death had not just been a nightmare for Everett, but it had also hurt Duncan eternally.

His mother had gone missing with his younger brother at that time. As a result, a young Duncan was forced to grow up fast and mature. He carried his father’s responsibility and tried his best to become strong because he wished he could find his mother and brother one day.

Later, his brother finally came back, and his mother was also found.

He rushed forward with his father and happily thought that he could reunite with his mother. But he saw his mother lying in blood and not breathing.

It felt like falling from heaven to hell.

Before he could express his happiness over regaining what he had lost, he lost what he had regained once more. He lost his mother forever.

Everything happened because of Rowan.

To avoid triggering Everett, Duncan did not get involved with Rowan on the surface at all even though he wanted

to exact revenge.



But now, Rowan dared to hurt his brother right in front of him. Duncan’s grudge that had been hidden for so many years instantly erupted as a result.

He threw every punch at Rowan’s most injured body part, beating him forcefully until he vomited blood and eventually fainted.

Then, Duke finally spoke.


One simple word brought Duncan’s rationality back.

He put his hand away, but his fists were already stained with blood.

“I’m sorry.” Duncan tidied his shirt again. He faked a smile and said, “Please don’t laugh at me.”

Duke did not speak.

He knew that while Duncan appeared crazy, he still retained his rationality. When he punched Rowan, he punched the parts that hurt the most but were not fatal. Duncan still wanted to keep Rowan alive to obtain the last bit of information so that Everett would not face any

more threat from now on.

For Duncan, no grudge was more important than his own family.

As such Duke and Adina did not stop Duncan when they saw him venting his emotions.

When Rowan lost consciousness, Duncan’s calmness made the basement instantly fall into silence.

Ninian’s cries became especially clear.



“Everett! Are you okay?”

Her words attracted everyone’s gaze and attention.


s eyes turned red. It looked like he could not stand firmly. He just staggered.

Ninian held his hand, while Duncan rushed forward and held his other arm.

“Everett? What’s wrong with you? Are you feeling unwell? Talk to me!”

After Adina observed Everett’s complexion, she said, ” The drug’s effect is about to wear off. Help him get back so that he can rest. He’ll feel unwell later.”

When Ninian and Duncan heard this, they immediately helped Everett outside.

After they took a few steps, Duncan stopped walking. He turned back and asked, “Uncle Duke, can the smart chip

be directly removed from Everett’s body now? I really don’t want him to face Rowan Craig again. Rowan Craig is a madman.”

Rowan had used their mother’s death to trigger Everett. Even if Everett was not affected by the smart chip, he might still lose control over his emotions.

“Just wait a while longer. It’ll be ready soon,” Adina said. She turned back, glanced at the unconscious Rowan, and narrowed her indifferent eyes slightly. “I’ve thought of a method that can make Rowan confess.

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“As long as he confesses, we can follow the trail to find the power behind him. I’m 100% confident that we can get Everett to recover.”

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