Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1301

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Free online novel

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1301

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1301

Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

“Ninian? Why are you back?”

When Nerola saw Ninian, she felt a little surprised too.

She knew that the Winters family and the Craig family had been busy lately. Besides, Ninian had applie d for several days off from Amber, hence she thought that Ninian would not be back so soon.

She did not expect to see her at this time.

“Ahem, I came back to pack some stuff up. I’ll go back and stay at home for some time,” Ninian explain ed. “Are you going out?”

“I was about to go downstairs and buy some things, but I’m not in a rush,” Nerola said. “What do you w ant to pack? I can help you.”

“Okay.” Ninian’s eyes instantly crinkled, but her

thoughts were running.

Could Nerola be the one Alden wanted to treat to a meal?

It could not be, right? Alden had just met Nerola once. They were not familiar with each other, were the y?


Ninian contemplated while she went back to her room and packed her stuff with Nerola.



In reality, she did not need to pack anything. She just took her usual things and some carry– ons, and that was it.

As for her clothes, she had a huge closet at home. It was full of her clothing, so she did not need to brin g anything from the apartment.

After they finished packing, Nerola went downstairs with Ninian.

Her family’s cars were very eye–catching. Even if the car of the Winters family was supposed to be low– key, it was still a luxurious car that was of Cayenne level. It naturally attracted a lot of attention from the local passersby when it was parked there.

Once Ninian walked over, the people in the surrounding

area understood.

It turned out that the car was there to pick up the Winters family’s youngest princess, so it was not strange.


Ninian and Nerola walked to the car. She could not see the

situation inside the car through the one–way glass, so

she knocked on the window.

The car window was slowly lowered, revealing Alden’s indifferent, noble, and cold face, which resemble d that of a student.

“Are you done packing?” he asked indifferently, but his voice was melodious.



“Yes.” Ninian grinned and said, “Luckily, Nerola helped me.”

Alden shifted his gaze to Nerola.

For some reason, Nerola, who was used to the spotlight and people’s attention, suddenly became nerv ous when

he stared at her.

It was as if she was targeted.

She tried her best to calm down and subconsciously sighed at the fact that the members of the Winters family were terrifying. Their inborn imposing manner was really compelling.

She moved her lips and politely said, “Hi, Young Master


Alden’s gaze secretly darkened.

He had always been sensitive to people’s emotions, and she seemed more alert all of a sudden.

He nodded indifferently without speaking. However, his high– IQ brain was contemplating a question. What did he do to suddenly alarm her?

But in Nerola’s eyes, his expression was “serious” and ” unexpected.”

Nerola’s impression of Young Master Alden was one of severity and near heartlessness. He did not seem fond of being with ordinary people like them.

When she saw the way he looked, she even thought that her presence around Ninian caused some rese

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Therefore, she took two steps back and said to Ninian, (( Ninian, you can head home first. I still have so

After she spoke, she nodded at Alden politely. Then, she turned back and walked away confidently.

Before Ninian could speak, she heard Alden’s voice.

“Wait, Ms. Barlow.”

When Nerola heard him, she stopped walking and turned

back in surprise.

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