Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1302

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Free online novel

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1302

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1302

Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

She was surprised that Young Master Alden actually remembered her name when she was someone

unimportant. She was also curious about what he wanted.

The man opened the car door and stepped out. His

decently–cut suit made his figure look more straight and slender.

Under the sun, his face was even more impressive. He was so handsome that Nerola could not take he r eyes off him even though she had been working in the entertainment industry for many years as a po pular young actress and had seen countless handsome men.

Regardless of his temperament, appearance, and figure, no one could be on par with Alden except Eve rett.

She even became stunned from looking at him.

By the time she snapped out of her daze, she was already covered by a shadow. Alden was standing in front of her with an indifferent expression, but his tone was gentle, which was rare.

“Grapie always talks about you. She says you’re her bestie, and you help her all the time. If you don’t m ind,

let’s go and have lunch together. I’d like to thank you for helping her.”

“What?” Nerola was completely dumbfounded. Her

beautiful and coquettish eyes were filled with confusion.” Uh… oh… okay.”



Was Young Master Alden not famous for being unfriendly?

Why was he so… easy–going?

Nerola did not realize that at the back, Ninian, who had been abandoned by her brother, was so shocked that her jaw was wide open at the moment.

She had never seen him act like that.

Her cold, quiet, and abstinent third eldest brother had actually taken the initiative to pursue a girl.

Did the sun just rise from the west?

Did something happen to the world?

She had always made a bet with Harold that Alden would

be alone forever.

Who would have expected this man to be enlightened one


Ninian was muddle–headed as she sat in the back.

passenger seat. She glanced at Nerola who was now beside her before she looked at Alden who was d riving at the front. She still found it surreal.

“Ms. Barlow, how did you meet Ninian?” Alden took the initiative to open up a conversation.

Ninian instantly sat up straight and nervously prepared to watch the show.

It had begun! Alden had started to ask about Nerola.



Nerola was staring out the window at first. When she heard him mention her name out of nowhere, she

subconsciously became nervous.

She turned to look at the man’s exquisite side profile and thought as she answered, “We were classmat es in high school. Ninian helped me by coincidence, and that’s how we got to know each other.”

“By coincidence? What happened?” Alden continued


Nerola appeared more cautious.

“It was… about my family.” As she spoke, she tried to ask, “Young Master Alden, are you worried? Ninia n and I have known each other for many years, and I would never do anything to hurt her. You can rest assured.”

She knew that these kids from wealthy families were

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always on alert. After all, it was easy to be surrounded by

people with bad intentions with their status.

Therefore, they had to be on guard against others.

Despite being Ninian’s best friend for many years, Nerola

had never met Young Master Alden before this. It was

reasonable for him to care about his sister and try to

check her out.



As Ninian’s friend, Nerola understood this.

However, right after she spoke, the atmosphere in the car instantly became cold.

Ninian was worried as she looked at Nerola. She knew

that Nerola had misunderstood her brother.

“Nerola, that’s not what my brother means,” Ninian explained.

Alden pursed his thin lips as his face froze.

Nerola did not understand. She thought that Alden did

not trust her and felt dissatisfied with what she said.


She began to look indifferent as well and coldly said, Young Master Alden, if you’re still worried, you can find

out for yourself. I believe the Winters family is capable of

digging up whatever I’ve done in the past.”

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