Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1304

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Free online novel

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1304

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1304

Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

When she noticed that Alden did not truly get angry, she

became bold again. She patted her chest guiltily before she looked into Nerola’s eyes, and both of the m smiled brightly.

At the front, Alden looked at the two girls who had started muttering in a low voice, and he smiled faintly . His eyes were also full of warmth.

Soon, the three of them arrived at the restaurant.

Alden threw the car keys to the valet before he opened the door to the back passenger seat and invited the two girls out like a gentleman.

Nerola seemed to feel flattered. “Thank you.


“You’re welcome,” Alden teased. “Just don’t think too badly of me again.”

When he said that, he was holding the car door. It looked as if he was cornering Nerola, who had just gotten out, between his arms and the car.

His figure was tall and big, emanating a strong sense of oppression.

When he stared at someone with his indifferent eyes, he could nearly make the person feel numb.

This was what happened to Nerola.



She subconsciously felt pins and needles all over, and her face turned slightly red too. Without raising her head, she could also hear the delight in the man’s tone.

The indifferent God had become worldly. His indifferent eyes were filled with joy, and Nerola dared not l ook at him directly or imagine how he looked.

“I… I won’t.”

After Nerola responded, she quickly walked toward Ninian, and her footsteps made her seem slightly e mbarrassed and desperate to run away.

Alden chuckled in a low voice behind her, and his eyes were filled with determination to get her.

In the restaurant, Ninian was responsible for ordering the food, so she ordered their favorite food respe ctively.

Alden glanced at the food in front of Nerola and asked, You like dessert?”


Nerola, who was putting some strawberry crepe into her

mouth, was startled before she nodded.

“When I was little, my family was poor. We didn’t have much food, so I would mix sugar with water. Afte r I grew up, I just preferred eating desserts too.”

Her smile was faint. After she spoke, she looked down again and calmly ate her dessert.

She did not feel awkward or any less confident.

Alden looked at her, and his gaze turned solemn.



He had looked into her background, so he knew that her family background was complicated. She had suffered a lot since she was little. Once she grew up, she was forced to enter the entertainment industr y, and a large group of her family members often pestered her.

But Nerola was not a pushover who could be manipulated by others.

She risked it all and spent $5,000,000 to cut ties with her parasitic family.

At that time, she had just joined the entertainment

industry. She only managed to collect that huge amount of money after she worked down to the bone for

countless days and nights. She was so exhausted that she nearly got admitted to the hospital a few time

Later, she slowly became famous and earned more. Before long, her parasitic family came back to threa

She contacted the media directly and said that she wanted the newspaper to publish her story so that she could dissolve re

Her family was shocked by her strong determination. They knew that she was not joking, hence they sof

Despite that, Nerola did not become soft–hearted. She insisted on looking into the matter. Even if it would ruin her career, she still wanted to send them to jail. That completely shocked them.

Then, a cousin who was close with her showed up to communicate and intercede. She got Nerola to

compromise and made the Barlow family guarantee that they would not disturb Nerola again. It was the

In the end, she coldly expressed that she was willing to fund her elder brother’s child to attend school an

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That brought up a new hope in her family, who had

initially been full of hatred since they could not gain any advantage from her. They no longer thought of exacting revenge or worsening the relationship.

Funnily enough, the extremely immoral parasitic family cared about the education of its younger generation.

Nerola pinpointed this and provided them with a final ray of hope, so both parties got along peacefully no

However, Nerola knew that this peace might not last for a long time.

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