Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1303

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Free online novel

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1303

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1303

Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

“Nerola, you’ve misunderstood!” Ninian grabbed Nerola’s hand as she pouted and spoke with disappoi ntment. “Alden really doesn’t have bad intentions! You’re my friend. Why would he go and

investigate you? He’s just curious about you… Um, he’s

curious about our past.‘


When Nerola heard this, her expression brightened slightly, but she still eyed Alden.

“Young Master Alden, are you merely concerned about Ninian’s past?”

Facing Nerola’s question, Alden did not seem happy.

Through the rear–view mirror, he looked into the woman’s gaze, which was filled with slight anger. Even so, her beauty could not be hidden. The re was a sharp glint in his eyes.

“Are you always this alarmed?” Alden asked.

His words stunned Nerola slightly. “What?”

“Why can’t I be concerned about my sister and her friend, but I have to be a bad person, who forbids m y sister from

getting involved with other people and even has bad thoughts about everyone around her?”

Nerola was at a loss for words.



Was she not just guessing? That was what the dramas showed, and she had also seen plenty of script s like that.

Alden hid the sharpness in his eyes and lazily said, ” Nerola, do you have persecution paranoia? Do yo u need to be so defensive? You’ve watched too many silly dramas, haven’t you?”

Nerola was speechless.

She glared at the sharp–tongued man through the rear- view mirror before she looked away and looked out the window.

Alden noticed her ears slowly turn red through the rear- view mirror, and he slowly curled his thin lips.

When Ninian saw how Alden turned the nice atmosphere into an awkward situation, she sighed emotio nally. A seemingly perfect man like Alden could be chauvinistic and sharp– tongued when it came to relationships.

She felt a little worried too.

In that case, would Nerola have a terrible impression of

her brother?

Alden had finally fallen for someone, but it really worried Ninian.

“Nerola.” Ninian moved close to Nerola, held her hand, and said, “Just ignore Alden. He’s not a romantic man. He’s also very st raightforward when he speaks. He doesn’t know how to be tactful.”

Listening to Ninian’s words, Nerola knew that she had misunderstood the situation, but she could not lo wer her dignity and apologize at this point.



She could only smile awkwardly.

When Ninian saw this, she continued teasing them. She lightened the atmosphere and said, “In my fam ily, he’s the only one who’s never gotten into a relationship. He’s been single his entire life. I’m worried that he won’t be able to get a wife.”

When Nerola heard this, she was instantly surprised.

“Really?” She turned back with curiosity and nosily said, “But your brother looks so handsome. He has a great family background, and he’s also outstanding. There s hould be many girls pursuing him, right? How could he not be in a relationship before?”

Honestly, Alden was rather cold and arrogant, but he checked all the lists. Even though Nerola had a litt le

conflict with Alden, she could not deny that the man was outstanding.

“It’s because he’s too unromantic.” Ninian rolled her

eyes and said, “When he was in school, he would get a lot of love letters and presents under his desk ev

“Pfft!” Nerola instantly burst out laughing. “I didn’t know that your brother was so silly.”

Ninian sighed and said, “That’s probably what people mean by the higher the IQ, the lower the EQ.”

The two of them kept talking and giggling.

At the front, Alden narrowed his eyes slightly. “Ninian Winters.”

He uttered her name slowly before he said, “I haven’t gone deaf yet.”


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She dared to badmouth him in his presence and even exposed his dark past to Nerola.

Was this little girl asking for punishment?

When Ninian was caught, she instantly hunched her

shoulders and behaved.

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