Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1310

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Free online novel

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1310

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1310

Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

“Your mucus has stained Dad and Mom’s shirts,” Alden also said with contempt.

“It’s alright. Dad and Mom won’t despise me. I’m their little sweetheart too!” Harold grinned and said.

Duke glanced at him. “You’re a grown– up now, but you’re still shameless.” Although he spoke with contempt, he did not push Harold away. His tone was filled with faint joy.

Adina smiled too. “Why can’t you grow up?”

The family’s laughter lasted for a long time.

After their warm time together, they shifted their focus back to the dining table and fought for food as us ual.

It was only when the dinner almost ended that the family started talking about important things.

“Dad, Mom, I want to report something to you,” when George, the eldest brother, said it, he sounded ne rvous, which was unusual. “I want to… get married.”

“Get married?”

Duke and Adina were surprised at the same time.

They knew that the two of their baby daughters were in a relationship. Melody confessed to her junior, Brooklyn, at the musical concert, while Ninian was in a strong relationship with Everett from the Craig f amily.

But they did not know that their son also wanted to get




“Georgie, do you have someone whom you want to marry?” Adina gently asked.

“Mom, you know her. It’s Raina,” George said.

“Raina? Is that Raina Barlow?” Adina found the girl from her memories, and she felt more surprised. “S o, have you


George nodded shyly and blushed slightly.


“It’s not easy.” Adina sighed with emotions as she said, The prideful prince is willing to lower his noble d ignity?”

The Winters family roughly knew about their breakup in the past, and they also knew that George never let go of her all these years, but he refused to compromise or bow


Now that he had finally taken that step, Adina and Duke feel very comforted.

Adina’s eyes were full of teasing, which made George subconsciously blush and look away in embarra ssment .

Duke nodded too. “Well done. You’ve grown up. You also know how to use a more mature way to solve problems.”

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When George was complimented by his father, his eyes shone brightly. “Thank you, Dad! Regarding marriage…

“Put your effort into proposing to her. As long as she’s willing to marry you, the Winters family will treat her sincerely and try its best to satisfy all her requests.”

Duke’s words moved George very much.

He always knew that his family was different from other luxurious and noble families. In any other top re

wanted to marry must be from a family that was well-

matched in terms of social status.

However, his parents were open– minded. They never interfered with his freedom and choices at all. They only had one request for his ma

They did not care about the girl’s identity, status,

appearance, job, and talent. They did not even ask about the girl’s character because they fully believed

When George got the answer from his parents, he felt less burdened. He also schooled his gaze like a p


“I’ll prepare my proposal as soon as possible. I’ll give Raina a grand wedding.”

Duke and Adina smiled and nodded.

“Dad! Mom! Me too!” Harold popped out. “Haha! I want

to get married too!”

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