Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1311

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Free online novel

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1311

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1311

Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

When Duke and Adina heard this, they were stunned before they chuckled.

“Hal, let’s talk about getting married after you grow up. You’re still a kid.” Adina smiled and replied.

Harold was just a child in their eyes.

Perhaps he heard that his brother wanted to propose, and he found it fun, so he wanted to join in on th e fun.

“No! I’m already a grown man. I’m not a kid anymore!” Harold muttered. He pulled the hem of Adina’s s hirt and coquettishly said, “Mom, I really want to get married. I

have a girlfriend, and her name is Lana Sutton. She’s a good girl. We have compatible views on life!”

When Adina and Duke heard his words, they were taken


Was this kid serious?

Besides, who was Lana?

Had this silly boy been fooled by a girl?

The two of them looked each other in the eyes, and they

saw worries in each other’s eyes.

“Dad, Mom, Lana is Grapie’s assistant. She is cheerful and bright, and she gets along with Hal really w ell,” George explained.



Duke and Adina instantly sighed in relief.

“There’s no hurry. You’re still young. Let’s talk after

your eldest brother settles his wedding.”

Duke’s words dismissed Harold’s thought.

Harold wanted to say something again, but he was interrupted by Melody.

“Daddy, I’m as old as George, and I’m mature. Can I—”

“No.” Duke pursed his lips and resolutely rejected her. ” Mel, you’re still young. You’re the fourth kid. Yo ur elder brothers haven’t gotten married, so you’re not in the queue yet.”

Melody was speechless.

Ninian also found herself in the same position.

Why did she think that her father meant something else?

“So, Everett and I…”

“Refer to the answer I gave your sister,” Duke said


He was cold and indifferent.

Melody and Ninian looked each other in the eye and saw




Their dad might never want them to get married.

What should they do?”

Melody pouted and asked, “Daddy, you mean it’ll be my turn and Grapie’s only after George, Harold, an d Alden. get married?”

“We’ll talk after they get married.” Duke did not give a

precise answer.

“What if Alden doesn’t get married?” Melody said

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worriedly. “He’s a workaholic, and his workplace is also a forbidden area. He doesn’t have a social circl e. I think it’s very difficult for him to find a girlfriend.”

George and Harold immediately agreed with what Melody said. Even Adina’s eyes were filled with worry

When Alden was little, he thought he was the eldest son.

When he lived with her, the single mom, he bore a lot of

responsibilities, and he was also forced to grow up very quickly.

It caused him to be very indifferent toward relationships. Other than his own family members, he did not care about any other people.

What should they do about his marriage?

When Ninian saw her family getting worked up, she pouted and looked like she was having a hard time explaining.



Alden was the one whom the whole family did not need to worry about, okay?

He was the last to know about love. However, after he fell in love at first sight, he started to plan. When

She was afraid that after he met Nerola a few more times,

there would not only be stories between them, but they might also have kids.

When Ninian thought of the scenario, she could not help but chuckle. She was secretly very excited, which made her suffer from holding her laughter.

Alden calmly glanced at her before he looked at his


“Don’t worry about me.” He smiled faintly and said,

Grapie says she’ll help me with my relationship.“

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