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Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

Alden’s gaze darkened slightly. Under the streetlight, his expression became a little difficult to read. His slender figure left a long and lonely shadow on the ground.

What was Nerola thinking? Was she rejecting him?

Alden pursed his lips slightly. If Adina stood there, she would be able to tell that his gaze went black for a short time. He even looked lost and anxious.

Just as Adina said, he had been capable since he was little. He was highly intelligent, and he never failed at anything.

However, he was really suffering a setback now, and he did not even know how to deal with it.

It would be simple for him to hack Nerola’s phone and unblock his own number.

But Alden did not want to do that.

He was overbearing, but he also had his own pride. He still knew how to respect her.

If Nerola really refused to meet him, what… should he do?

It was Alden’s first time feeling lost and puzzled.

He stood firmly downstairs for a long time. He raised his head, stared at a spot upstairs, where light was coming out of the windows, and remained silent.

At the same time, Nerola was awakened by her phone’s notification ringtone upstairs.



Only then did she realize that her facial mask was drying out, and the water she soaked her feet with had already turned cold.

“Oh, gosh! My face!” She immediately took off the face mask, ran to the restroom, and washed her face again. She looked at her dry skin and hunched her shoulders.

If a facial mask was applied for too long, it would not be moisturizing but be bad for the face.

She was an actress, so she relied on her face to work.

Nerola wanted to cry. After she moisturized her face. again, she took off her hair–drying cap. Her hair was not dripping anymore. It was partially dry, and it emitted the unique fragrance of her shampoo.

She put on her bathrobe and wiped her hair while she held her phone.

A message from Ninian had woken her up.

[Nerola! Are you okay? Did Alden mistreat you?]

Nerola stopped wiping her hair and appeared startled.

Alden? Was that message just now…

Nerola’s expression instantly changed. She put on her slippers and quickly walked to the window.

Downstairs, a slender figure was standing in the moonlight, nearly blending in with it.

It was Alden!

Nerola was completely stunned.

So, the number she blocked was Alden’s number, and she even made him wait downstairs for so long?



Was she insane or too arrogant? Did she think that the Winters family was harmless? She actually tortured the young master of the Winters family like that. Help!

Alden seemed to sense something downstairs, so he raised his head.

The two of them bizarrely met eyes.

She could not see Alden’s expression clearly, but she knew that the man was staring precisely at her face.

Nerola was instantly shocked. She was so scared that she immediately took one step back.

After she moved backward, she regretted it slightly.

Would Alden misunderstand her?

When she looked downstairs again, the courtyard was empty, and the man was not there anymore.

Nerola went to the balcony again. She looked around but did not see Alden’s figure.

Did he leave?

When the thought occurred to her, she felt lost for some reason.

She had chased him away due to a misunderstanding.

While Nerola was absent–minded, someone knocked on her door.

She was slightly startled before she turned back and

looked at the entrance hallway. Her heart suddenly seized.

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The knocks sounded calm and orderly, as though they were knocking on her heart.

Just as Nerola got ready to walk over and open the door, the door–knocking sounds abruptly stopped.

She was a little bewildered, but her phone suddenly rang.

It was the number that she blocked earlier. There was a message. [It’s me. Answer the door.]

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