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Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

Melody and Ninian were speechless.

Their expressions instantly darkened, and they looked at Alden with annoyance.

Meanwhile, Duke looked refreshed. It was quite good that they were not getting married. He would raise them.

“Fine, I’ll just wait for Georgie and Hal’s good news first.” Adina massaged her forehead as she sighed and said, “Al, you… I won’t force you.

Alden was speechless.

Alden’s expression totally darkened. His beloved mother was not hinting but clearly expressing her opinion.

He slowly took the napkin and wiped the corners of his lips before he smiled faintly and said, “Dad, Mom, I’ve finished my dinner. I still have something to do, so I’ll go out first.”

Ninjan winked at Melody. Alden was running away out of anger.

Alden looked at Ninian with an unfriendly gaze. “Grapie, thank you for helping me explain. When it’s time to talk about Everett and you, I’ll help you out too.”

Ninian was at a loss for words.

Oh, no!

She had made a mistake!



Sob! Was it still possible for her to change things?

Clearly, it was too late. After Alden smiled faintly and bid goodbye to his family, he directly left the house. His back looked as if he was going to the battlefield.

Adina grumbled, “Oh, gosh, I went too far.”

“Don’t worry.” Duke picked up the meat from a crab before he put it on Adina’s plate. “He must be going to your daughter–in–law now. If you don’t force him, howcan he have the motivation?”

When Adina heard it, she seriously nodded. “You’re right. The sisters can’t be getting married when their brother hasn’t even found a date yet, right?”

Duke’s move instantly paused.

Was it still possible for him to call Alden back?

Outside the Winters family’s mansion, Alden took out his phone and easily found Nerola’s contact number.

He then sent her a message. [I’ll wait for you downstairs. fifteen minutes later. Al.]

He put away his phone and got the car keys. While the housekeeper and servants watched him leave, he sped off into the night.

At the same time, Nerola just finished showering. Before she was able to blow dry her hair, her phone suddenly rang.

She wrapped her hair with a hair–drying cap and walked over. She tapped open the message from the unfamiliar number.

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She initially did not mind it. After all, she was in the entertainment industry, so it was normal to receive such messages.

But for some reason, she stared at the last word, “Al.”

Was it him?

It could not be, right? After all, they had just met in the afternoon. The Winters family should be having a reunion at this hour. How could he come to her?

Nerola flashed a self–deprecating smile. She held her phone, deleted the message, and immediately blocked the number.

She did not like to be disturbed by strangers. She wanted to avoid all the unspoken rules and temptations and just work steadily.

She put her phone aside, took a facial mask, and put it on her face. Then, she got some hot water, leaned on the couch, and soaked her feet in the hot water. She lived her life like an old person who was maintaining her wellness.

Without realizing it, ten minutes had passed.

Nerola was getting sleepy on the couch, while Alden was downstairs at her apartment. He held his phone and frowned slightly.

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