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Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

Alden quickly put Nerola on the couch.

Then, he checked her foot. When he saw the bloodstain, he frowned and asked in a low voice, “Do you have a first aid kit at home?”

“Yes.” Nerola nodded. “It’s under the TV cabinet.”

Alden sized his surroundings up before he walked to the TV cabinet and took out the medical box.

He took cotton swabs, iodine, band–aids, and gauze. Soon after, he walked back and put the things on the tea table.

Next, he bent down to take Nerola’s slippers off.

Nerola was shocked, and she instantly moved her leg away. “No… you don’t have to!”

“Don’t move.”

Alden did not care about her resistance. Instead, he just held her ankle.

He took off her slippers, revealing her fair and petite foot. It had a nice shape to it. Her skin was smooth like jelly, and her toes were as fair as jade. Her round toes looked extremely cute together.

Alden’s gaze gradually turned dark as he looked at her wound.

There was a bump on her skin, and blood was oozing. It looked slightly alarming on her fair skin.

Alden had been independent since he was little, and he was very skillful in trivial matters such as handling wounds. He held her ankle and put her foot on his knee before he soaked the cotton swab in



iodine and carefully wiped her wound.

Nerola was totally dumbfounded.

She never thought that someone in this world would ever treat her like this.

From a young age, all she received was prejudice, hatred, and criticism. After she grew up and became independent, others continued to hate her, resent her, and scheme against her.

This was her first time seeing someone care for her injury and treat it.

On top of that, the person was Alden who had a noble status.

The hour hand on the wall clock slowly ticked, while the living room was in absolute silence. Other than the sound of their breathing, only fine sounds of Alden bandaging her wound could be heard.

“Does it still hurt?” He looked at her and asked after he finished taking care of her wound.

Nerola shook her head.

All the pain had already been replaced by the emotions in her heart.

The small wound was nothing.

“Be more careful in the next few days. Don’t get in contact with water for the time being.”

Alden put her slippers on for her before he gently placed her foot down on the ground.

“Okay.” Nerola nodded, and after a while, she said, ” Thank you.”

When Alden saw her cautious look, he subconsciously chuckled in a low voice.

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“What are you thanking me for? Are you thanking me for making you injured?”



“No!” Nerola raised her head. When she tried to explain, she saw the happiness in his eyes.

Slightly startled, she looked away. She knew that he was kidding, so she did not explain.

Alden sighed. After he cleaned up the medical supplies on the table, he helplessly said, “What were you rushing for just now? I wasn’t going to run away.”

Nerola’s face instantly turned red.

She did not care whether he would run away or not!

“I noticed that it wasn’t very convenient for you, so I planned to come and see you after you were done.” As Alden spoke, he glanced at her hair and nightgown meaningfully.

When Nerola realized what he meant, the redness spread

from her face to her neck.

It turned out that he was not leaving out of anger, but he wanted to give her some space because he was a gentleman, and it was basic manners.

After all, it was inappropriate for a girl to receive a male friend right after she took a shower and also while wearing a nightgown.

It was especially so since this male friend had recently confessed to her.

“I… I’ll go and get changed now!” Nerola quickly got up and walked to her room.

Alden did not stop her, but when he looked at her slightly flustered back, the joy in his eyes slowly grew.

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