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Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

She did not intentionally block him.

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She might have even felt reluctant to block him.

This understanding made Alden happier. He slowly cleaned up the first aid kit and washed his hands before he started observing the layout of the place.

The apartment was not big, but it was simple and clean. Some home furnishings were neatly arranged in each spot, and it felt very homey.

Alden then cast his sight on the wall. There were some framed paintings on it.

They were paintings of people, and although the brush strokes were obviously not professional enough, they captured the people’s features and looks well. Hence, they looked lively.

“Um… I just drew them for fun.” After Nerola got changed and walked out, she blushed in embarrassment when she saw Alden staring at the paintings on the wall.

“These paintings are very spiritual. You can study them. further.” Alden turned back. The moment he saw her, he was slightly startled, and a quick glimpse of amazement crossed his eyes.

Nerola was wearing a long soft–yellow home dress. She appeared laid back and casual, even tender at some points.

Her hair was partially dry, and the strands fell on her shoulders a little messily. Her face was fair and rosy, while her skin was nearly as fair as jade. She had a warm and homey style.

Alden’s gaze became a little intense before he looked away calmly.

“No, this is just a hobby.” Nerola chuckled. When she looked at the paintings on the wall, she seemed to fall into a slight trance.

After all, she had passed the age when she wanted to learn how to paint.

She changed the subject. “Young Master Alden, are you here tonight for anything?”

“I came to ask you out for dinner tomorrow night,” Alden answered.

When he came over, he had received a WhatsApp message from Ninian. There would be a family dinner tomorrow night, which Raina, Lana, Brooklyn, and Everett would attend.

How could Nerola not join the occasion?

He spoke casually, and Nerola did not think too much of it either. She just asked, “Where is it?”

“I’ll give you the address when the time comes.”

“Oh, okay.”

Alden glanced at her hair before he frowned and asked, Where’s your hair dryer?”

“Hmm?” Nerola realized what he meant, so she quickly said, “It’s fine. I don’t need it. My hair is almost dry.”

Alden pursed his lips calmly.

His demeanor was still imposing, so Nerola had to surrender. “Okay, I’ll go and blow dry it now.”

She walked into the bathroom and took out the hair dryer. Just as she was about to blow dry her hair, a slender figure showed up behind her in the bathroom mirror.

It was Alden.

She was startled, and she turned back by reflex. The floor in the bathroom was slippery, so she lost her balance and fell backward.

Alden acted quickly, holding her slim waist and grabbing her back.

When her warm and soft body arched back as she moved into his arms, Alden instantly held his breath.

The girl was like a frightened fawn, and he saw her watery eyes.

When they locked eyes, the temperature in the bathroom instantly rose. Their heartbeats and breathing were audible.

“Alden… Mmm!”

The moment Nerola spoke, she was instantly stopped because the man kissed her on the lips. His kiss was affectionate and overbearing.

She resisted, but he grabbed her wrist.

His chest was warm and broad, while his pleasant and refreshing scent slowly disintegrated her will.

Nerola slowly gave up resisting. She leaned in his arms and’surrendered to his rhythm.

After a long time had passed, they slowly separated.

Alden pressed his forehead against her forehead, separated her hands from him, and interlocked his fingers with hers. He spoke in a husky and low voice. “I’ll come and pick you up tomorrow night.”

“Is… it a date?” Nerola asked.

“Date?” Alden chuckled in a low voice. “No.”

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