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Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

“To have a challenge means to have growth and breakthrough.‘

Ninian hugged the script and said excitedly, “Ms. Ward, tell the director to give me a chance to audition. I will not pull strings to get the role. I want to fight for this role with my own hands.”

‘Even though I didn’t get any formal acting training or am as good as those who came from acting schools and have countless skills and experiences, I can still put myself in and expound the life of this character immersively.

‘Whenever I was acting as Elliot White in “In Full

Bloom“, I was able to integrate myself into the era where I am willing to lay my life down for my ideals; Now, I need to immerse myself in the role of a patriotic who’s willing to die for my country and the army.

When Amber heard what Ninian said, she was surprised and became excited, “So, you’ve decided not to take this role? You’ve finally straightened out your thinking!”

Ninian felt awkward when she heard this. director is not allowed to start filming that drama series?‘.

“Okay, don’t worry. I’ll be ready soon.” Ninian smiled and looked at Amber and Zayn. “Ms. Ward, Mr. Barnes, I’ll be heading back now, Thank you so much for the help!”

Amber and Zayn suddenly felt uneasy.

To have the princess of the Winters family address them so politely made them feel stressed.

Luckily, the Winters siblings were class acts. George and Harold nodded before leaving.

Amber let out a sigh of relief, and Zayn relaxed his shoulders in silence.



Before Ninian followed after her brothers, she turned and blinked at Everett, signaling him “see you tomorrow“.

He smiled as he watched her leave.

“Sir, you’re being more and more down to Earth.” Zayn, who was behind him, adjusted his spectacles. He was smiling mockingly at him.

Everett turned and looked at him, smiling broadly, “She saved me.”

Zayn had to admit that it was true.

Back then, Everett was unattainable and emotionally unstable. He would easily lose control of his emotions.

Ever since the biochip was removed, he started seeing a therapist, and in addition to Ninian’s influence, he had turned into a whole new person.

The outsiders might not notice his changes, but Zayn, who had been by his side for years, knew just how much he had changed.

That was why Zayn was able to joke around with him.

“Arrange an appointment for me and Mr. Hamilton,” Everett said.

Jason Hamilton was the director of “Turncoat“.

Zayn was not surprised by his request. “You have an opening between eleven o’clock to three o’clock in the afternoon tomorrow after a photo shoot for the JIA magazine cover in the morning.”

“Set the appointment at that time, then.”

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“Okay. Your dinner appointment with Mr. Stone, the producer tomorrow night, has been brought forward to today. It’s about time for you to get yourself ready for it.”

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