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Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

With Everett’s approval, Ninian happily went through the script.

Amber looked at him resentfully.

“This young man is not only trying to make Ninian miserable. He’s also making ME miserable! Now, I need to think of backup plans.

‘I wonder if the director will approve of this shattering news.‘

“Don’t worry about the director,” Everett said softly, “I’ll give him a chance to work with me as a deal.”

Amber’s eyes lit up when she heard this.

‘Right now, Everett is the combination of a non- conformist and a top-notch actor. Such a dual combination is destined to make him popular. He has long been conferred an idol. He has been breaking new ground in the entertainment industry again and again.

“The director of this spy war drama will definitely take the opportunity to work with me, even if he doesn’t want to work with Ninian. It might be a difficult decision for

‘It’s Everett, after all.‘

Zayn, who was beside Amber, listened to them. He adjusted his glasses and calmly contacted the director of the spy war drama.

‘He has always been so willful, that I’ve already anticipated such things happening.‘

Ninian was super excited once she was done going through the script.

This spy movie was called “Turncoat“.

The script depicted two spies of a party who were lurking in the opposite camp during the civil war. They were soon discovered by the enemy. The enemy captured the ten suspects in one place and began to extort and interrogate them one by one.

While held captive, the spies not only had to face the surveillance and torture of the enemy, and keep an eye on each other, but they also need to find a way to pass out important information.

The movie was about the life–and–death confrontation between the spies and the enemy during these ten days, and the unpredictability and complexity of human nature.

Ninian would be taking the role of a spy who had been lurking in the enemy’s territory for five years.

This role had multiple identities and changes in many important stages.

When the enemy was lurking, she played the role of a miserable woman whom her husband sold to a brothel.

After being rescued by the ene

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my’s female boss, she became a famous female assassin.

People around her deemed her as a beautiful and promiscuous woman.

In fact, she was secretly from an upper–class family background and a gentle yet tough young lady. She was level–headed and observant as well.

During the time she was held captive, her early image in prison was assertive, willful, and overbearing. She would defy the prison police again and again, regardless of her life and death. She would use her identity as an enemy party to throw her weight around.

The more assertive she acted, the less suspicious the enemy would be of her.

But the enemy was no idiot. After a deep inspection, they turned their doubts to her.

When the time came, the protagonist immediately used another tactic. It was a battle of wits with the enemy. She anticipated the enemy’s actions and measures in advance.

In the end, she was the only one out of ten people who came out alive. However, what she went through drove her nuts.

The enemy was not able to tell that she was a spy, even though they monitored her closely for three years. Ultimately, she helped her own army to give the final blow.

The enemy was in disbelief when she exposed her identity, especially her cruel female superior. Until her last breath, she still could not believe that the protagonist was the spy.

The drama’s script was grandiose as it realistically portrayed the era. Moreover, the protagonist had a proto- model. This meant that Ninian needed to make her character and the movie–like plot palpable.

This was undoubtedly a huge challenge for her.

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