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Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei


Everett started to put himself in “work mode“.

On the other side, Ninian braced herself to be interrogated by her parents when she returned to the Winters family’s mansion.

To be precise, it was her father, Duke, who interrogated her by himself.

He was sitting on the couch. Over the years, even though he did not look his age, he became more grounded and kinder.

However, for obvious reasons, he looked nothing like that at the current moment.

He was holding a newspaper, and his handsome face had an indifferent expression.

“Daddy…” Ninian said wheedlingly.

Duke ignored her.

“Daddy, don’t get angry. You’ll age faster.”

Duke continued to ignore her as he held the newspaper in his hand tightly. He was clearly mad, as his veins were showing on his temples.

Ninian walked toward him and said, “Daddy, don’t be mad. Mommy won’t want you if you become ugly.‘

“She will!” Duke finally broke his silence as he said coldly.

“Hmm?” Adina asked with doubt.



He picked up the newspaper again to cover his face, and said calmly, “She won’t.”

Ninian was speechless.

‘Why are they acting lovey–dovey in front of me out of nowhere…‘

“Daddy, let me get straight to the point. I hate that you’re being so controlling over me, and that’s why I wanted to protest. Everett dissuaded me. Not only did he send me home without saying anything, but he also told

me to focus on my career.

“I’ve reflected on my mistakes. I know I’m wrong and what I should do in the future. So, Mommy, Daddy, don’t be angry, okay?”

“Can’t you just stand around and be pretty?

Duke’s anger was completely subdued when he heard her explain herself wheedlingly.

“Really?” Duke asked suspiciously.

Ninian helped Adina, who was walking toward them with a plate of fresh fruits, and took a bite before nodding her head vigorously.

“Yes, I won’t do it again!” She chewed the apple and said, “Daddy, can you help me find an acting coach? I want to act well and fulfill my dream.”

“Good to know you have a dream of your own.” Duke ruffled her hair and sighed, “I found a channel that posted clips you shot before and watched them. You did a good job. Although your acting skills are still a bit awkward, you’re able to express your emotions naturally.

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Your mother said that you’re a talented actor. So, I won’t hold you back. Don’t worry about the coach, just do your best.”

“Really?!” At that moment, Ninian was surprised. She turned, smiled at Adina, and rushed toward her. ” Mommy, you’re the best!”

“Your dad supports your dream, but with one condition,” Adina said.

“What is it?!”

“Before you become successful and be on a par with Everett, you must focus on your career first,” Adina said as she looked at Duke. He obviously felt guilty as he touched his nose. Adina suppressed her laughter and continued, “This means that we can reconsider your marriage with Everett after you become an actress.”

Ninian was speechless.

‘How can one sentence bring me so much joy and sorrow?!‘

Before she could become pleasantly surprised, she was on the verge of tears.

‘My love has run aground!‘

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