Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1327

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Free online novel

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1327

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1327

Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

Ninian wanted to cry when she heard this “bad news“.

‘Daddy is such a fox. I can’t defeat him!‘

‘But I understand why my parents have made this decision. If I can become successful quickly and reach the peak of my career under the encouragement of my

relationship with Everett, my family might feel more at ease with Everett.

‘Poor Everett, he has to wait for me at the altar a little longer.‘

She called Everett and told him what her parents said.

He was silent for a moment, and unsurprisingly, he agreed.

He said that they had their whole life ahead of them.

These words gave her infinite fighting spirit to immerse herself in the script and improve her acting skill with the help of her new acting coach.

The next day, the Winters siblings brought their respective partners home for the family dinner.

Duke and Adina watched as the couples walked in.

Raina looked kind and generous. She was a perfect match for George, who was quiet and steady.

The delicate and cute Lana was a match to the dashing and free–spirited Harold.

Nerola looked glamorous and beautiful, but there was a hint of hopelessness in her eyes as she looked at Alden with dependence. Alden, who has always been indifferent to outsiders, gave her a gentle



response by squeezing her hand to show comfort.

Duke felt happy and satisfied with the first three pairs.

However, when he saw Brooklyn and Everett, who had taken away his two little princesses, his expression darkened.

“Take a seat.”

He held Adina’s hand and sat at the main seat.

The rest of them looked at each other and settled down as


The first three Winters siblings looked at Brooklyn and Everett as if they were sitting back and watching a show.

After all, the two of them took their precious little sisters away. They did not take it very well either.

After Duke and Adina exchanged pleasantries with Raina, Lana, and Nerola, they cast their gazes on Brooklyn and


Brooklyn had a warm and easy–going personality. In

addition to his temperament as a pianist, he could easily win anyone’s favor.

But it was not the case for the Winters family.



After knowing that Melody had been the one who proposed, the Winters family members were furious. They did not care how many years Brooklyn had protected her.

How could their precious Melody take the first step and propose to a man?!

Duke was looking at Brooklyn with a murderous gaze.

Brooklyn, who could not handle his alcohol, passed out after he drank three shots of liquor. The speech that he had prepared was gone in vain.

As the servant supported and led him to the guest room, Duke triumphantly looked at him with a disdainful gaze.

When he shifted his gaze to Everett, his gaze turned cold.

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Everett was speechless.

“Mr. Winters, Mrs. Winters, I would like to give you a

toast for raising such an excellent daughter.”

He took the initiative to take three consecutive shots of


Duke looked at him in silence.

‘Everett seems to have a high alcohol tolerance. I shall change my strategy.‘.

‘You’re still young, don’t indulge in excessive drinking. Eat more vegetables instead.

As he spoke, he put one of the burnt dishes into Everett’s plate.



“I made it myself. Try it.”

The rest of the Winters family members sympathized

with him when they saw how burnt it was.

Like their mother, Adina, who was good at arts and crafts, their father, Duke, was a talented person. But he was excellent in every aspect except cooking.

Luckily, he knew just how good his cooking was. So, he

rarely cooked.

Unless there was a special occasion.

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