Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1332

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Free online novel

‘Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1332

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1332

Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

Which one will she choose?‘

Chester was drenched in cold sweats. ‘I should’ve tricked Nilson and made him leave the audition hall.

‘Will Ms. Winters choose the most difficult question out

of pride and fail the audition in the end?‘

He was begging Ninian to take the easier topic on the inside.

Soon, Ninian made her decision. “I’ll take this.”

As she spoke, she raised the paper in her hand, “Since it’s been given to me, it’ll be my topic. I don’t plan to change it. Thank you for the offer, Mr. Lum, Mr. Campbell.”

Chester whimpered, and his face became as white as a sheet.

Nilson was not surprised. He usually had an indifferent expression, but at that moment, he smirked.

“Good choice. That’s what I like.” Only a woman who was gentle on the outside and resolute on the inside could

make Everett fall head over heels for her with no regrets.

Everett found the correct person.

Ninian ignored Nilson’s praise.

She was preparing herself for the audition.

‘I need to memorize and immerse myself into the

character for this three–minute audition.‘

Three minutes flew by, and she began her performance.

The atmosphere in the audition hall instantly became


‘How will a character who is broken and world-weary look when she shows her deepest darkness and bloodlust?

‘How would Ninian portray this character’s emotions as they transitioned from one emotion to the other?‘

The lights were turned on, and the camera was aimed at her.

She sat on the floor with her head bowed. Her hair was messy, and her expression could not be clearly seen.

“What do you want me for? I’m just a useless woman.”

Her initial clear and soft voice had taken on a hoarse and heavy tone, as if something was stuck in her throat.

Everyone’s eyes lit up when they saw this change.

“Revenge, you say? What is there to set my revenge on?” She slowly raised her head, revealing her face little by little. She smeared the dust on the floor across her face, making her porcelain–like face look like she had gone through multiple hardships. Her gloomy and dejected gaze was filled with sarcasm and faint hatred.

“That man is dead. He was dead to me as soon as he walked out of this brothel. He sold me to this hellhole for five freaking dollars! Before he could spend it, he was hit by a carriage and died.

“The money that he got from selling me was scattered on the floor. I wanted to pick them up and go home. I wanted to redeem myself…

“But they held me down…”

Her eyes were opened wide. She looked as if she was hiding a frightening memory behind those bloodshot eyes of hers.

“They dragged me to the brothel, pinned me down, and rented me…

“They rented me alive and threw me into a lion’s den…”

She clutched her collar and said in pain, “So many people … so many people rent me to pieces…

“Who exactly am I supposed to avenge? Who?!”

Her hoarse and decadent voice quivered in pain. It was heart–piercing, full of deep unwillingness, and full of


Each sentence she said was spoken with different tones, expressing different emotions.

In the end, she looked like she gave in to the evil boss‘ offer. The dying embers of hope and despair in her eyes faded away. She gradually succumbed to madness and bloodlust.

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