Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1333

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Free online novel

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1333

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1333

Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

“Yes you’re right!

“This is a hellish world, a man–eating world! Hahaha!!

“Capsize it! Crush it! Tear it apart!

“I’ll eliminate whoever has touched me!

“I’ll make sure these men die in their own boots!”

She looked into the void, sounding as if she was venting, but also making a pledge at the same time.

She then looked at the “person” in front of her with a sinister smile, as if she had reached an agreement with her.

In the end, all the emotions that were released slowly subsided. The desperate woman earlier was long gone. She was replaced by a killing machine, full of hatred and fierceness.

After reaching an agreement with the person, she turned and walked back to her original position.

The prostitute who detested her own life finally

embarked on her murderous path. Her amateur

bewitching figure gradually became more mesmerizing.

When the person behind her had walked away, she stopped.

Her ears moved slightly, showing signs of vigilance that a spy should have.



She turned her hateful and murderous gaze slowly.

When she confirmed that the person behind her left, she narrowed her eyes. All the emotions in the eyes faded away. She looked calm and peaceful, with no waves of emotions.

Her temperament had also shifted in an instant. She looked confident, as if she had completed half of her mission.

However, it only lasted for half a second.

In the next moment, she returned to her previous self. She turned and walked forward in a coquettish manner as she embarked on the path where her destiny would be rewritten.

She turned her back and froze. Every movement of her body was moved according to the way she wanted to act.

There was a long silence among the audience. They then

slowly applauded.

It was sparse at first. It gradually became louder, and the thunderous applause lasted for some time.

Neil, who had a cold expression all this while, looked gentle and affable. He was the first to stand up and clapped his hands. He laughed boisterously, “Great job! Very good! As expected of my favorite newbie! Hahaha! What a talent! You’re amazing!”

Chester clapped so hard that his palms turned red. He was extremely enthusiastic.

“You’re amazing, Ms. Winters! You’ve portrayed our ideal “Hazel“! I really didn’t know that you’re this excellent…” Chester said, feeling extremely excited.



He had initially prepared for the worst and genuinely believed that he was going to get fired.

‘Ninian, a beautiful daughter of a wealthy family, is like a vase. She mustn’t be provoked or scolded. I must protect her by all means.

‘I’m willing to do that, but I have this stubborn person working above me. He isn’t willing to compromise at all. There was nothing I could do. I’m at a loss!

‘I thought that the two of them would be in discord and

fight. Then, the Craig and Winters families will join forces to dismantle my film crew and ruin us for good.

‘I did not see this coming at all!

‘It turns out that she’s not a vase!

‘Her acting skill is excellent! Most importantly, her comprehension and talent are amazing!

‘She truly looked like Hazel Herbert the moment she started acting!

‘With her beauty, family background, and acting skill, there is no way this role isn’t hers.

‘I thought it’d be a grievance to let Ninian take this role, but she really did get this role with her own capability.‘

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