Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1340

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Free online novel

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1340

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1340

Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

However, to the surprise of those haters, Ninian, who was acting for the first time, not only did not drop the ball on any of her performances in the Oscar–level mission, but she also managed to portray her own charm and personality in the character very well.

From her gentleness and firmness at the start to the grandeur during the protest to her enthusiasm and passion even when captured by the enemy and taken to the execution ground, her character arc represented the experiences of countless revolutionary predecessors.

She had absorbed the spirits of many ancestors into her body. Seeing her alone demonstrated the bravery and unstoppable power of Cairnstan’s youth.

Before she was executed, she looked at the rising sun and showed a gentle and firm smile.

In the end, gunshots rang out, and her body dropped to the ground. However, the sun rose all the way and illuminated the earth.

Numerous people were moved and went wild at the scene where she smiled.

It was not until everyone’s excitement had faded away that they realized “Elliot,” the extremely lovable character, was actually played by Ninian, the “little ornamental princess.” Most of the audience members were shocked, and many more were giving her praise.

Ninian turned out to be very capable and talented in acting. Reverie’s and other minor actors‘ speeches turned out to be true.

They had all been trolled by the haters!



Now that the truth was right in front of them, everyone felt guilty. They began to feel more pity and love for Ninian.

[Ninian’s aura when she’s acting is no joke. I’ll stand by her and watch her grow!]

[Ninian, you’ve got this! I believe you have the talent to win the best actress title someday!]

As Nilson saw the online support and recognition of Ninian’s talent grow, he slowly took action.

The “Turncoat” production team’s official Twitter account announced that Ninian had been chosen as the main lead, and she would be playing the character “Hazel Herbert.” The team also released Ninian’s audition video clip, and the video shook the entire Internet.

When they saw “Elliot,” they realized how powerful Ninian’s acting talent was; after seeing her portrayal of the complex character, “Hazel Herbert,” netizens were relieved.

Her development had been extremely quick!

She was so strong that there was nothing for haters to criticize her for, as one would

expect from the girl whom the best actor liked.

The heated online battle was finally over. Ninian eventually won the favor of the netizens with great advantage and became the new fairy in the netizens‘ hearts!

Ninian soon joined the “Turncoat” crew and prepared for subsequent filming.

She spotted a familiar silhouette at the site of the shoot. Her face lit up, and she quickly approached the person.

“Hey, Reverie!”

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Ninian had no idea that Reverie, who previously aided her, would be on the set of ” Turncoat.”

“Thank you for what you did. Without your support, my case would not have been resolved so smoothly,” Ninian said, smiling.

Reverie also gave her a smile and said, “I should actually thank you. I had already been eliminated in the first round of auditions. I didn’t expect Mr. Lum to give me another chance to audition, so that’s why I’m able to stand here and work with you again.”

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