Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1341

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Free online novel

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1341

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1341

Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

Reverie’s smile was sincere and genuine.

She initially helped Ninian only because she thought that Ninian was great. Besides, Ninian said she wanted to rely on herself before the casting, which also impressed and moved her.

Unexpectedly, she gave herself an opportunity with her unintentional act. That made Reverie feel blessed and surprised.

Hearing what she said, Ninian felt warm and comforted.

Everyone thought that the entertainment industry was filthy and full of schemes.

In reality, there were many people who pursued their dreams and worked very hard there. There were also many people who helped and supported each other.

When there were people, there would be competition, but there would also be warmth and sincerity.

Ninian filmed her scenes in an orderly manner.

As for the Winters siblings, their relationships also developed smoothly.

George had happily begun preparing for his wedding. Raina was not a pretentious person either, and the couple had discussions about how their wedding should be held.

Their common thought was that it did not need to be too grand. However, it needed to be warm and worth remembering in the future.

Harold was not “qualified” to get married for the time being. He was not in a hurry and was still a nitwit.



Harold had a new interest now; he would search for food everywhere.

Lana was a foodie, so Harold became a gourmet. He would seek restaurants for Lana and bring her everywhere to eat good food. It made Lana successfully grow five pounds more in half a month.

Therefore, whenever Ninian received a call from Lana or met Lana, she could hear her crying for up to half an hour.

“Ninian! I’ve gained five pounds! I want to lose weight! I’ll stop eating now! Sob!”

When Ninian looked at Lana’s balanced and voluminous figure, she held her laughter and said, “You don’t need to lose weight. Hal likes you the way you are.”

“Really?” Lana found it suspicious. It looked as if she wanted to believe Ninian, but she could not bring herself to it. She was struggling.

As such, Ninian removed herself from the situation. She continued reading the script and prepared for the next scene.


Alden was already deeply in love now. He went on dates with Nerola every day.

If Nerola needed to film, he would visit her on the set. It was always easier to capture people’s attention when a handsome man and a pretty woman were together.

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Therefore, Alden who was not often exposed would show up on the headlines in the entertainment news from time to time now.

Nerola was also promoted thanks to her popularity as a top celebrity, while Alden also caught up with Everett as he became one of the most wanted husbands for the ladies!



Meanwhile, Melody left the country and continued the tour concert with Brooklyn.

Both of them were musicians. They had the same pursuits and dreams aside from having the same hobby and topic. Besides, Brooklyn had secretly loved Melody for so many years, so people did not need to worry about their relationship.

Ninian thought that instead of worrying about them, she should worry about Everett and herself.

Whenever she saw a video of the netizens urging Melody to get married on the Internet, she would forward it to the family group and hint at her parents to not stop them from getting married.

Why did she choose the comments urging Melody to get married? She was naturally using them to shield her and Everett.

Once Melody got married, would her wedding date with Everett still be far away?

Therefore, whenever she posted these comments, Duke would always find some inspiring” quotes online.

For example, “girls should not get into relationships too early as it would affect their whole lives.”

Another instance was, “smart girls would listen to their parents and choose the right partners.”

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