Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1343

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Free online novel

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1343

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1343

Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

Her words were audible in the live stream, and they instantly caused a big fuss.

[Ninian has a kid!]

[Is “the Everett” a dad now?]

[Sob! I knew that they secretly got married!]

[How could they not live broadcast my husband and wife’s wedding?]

The comments on the screen kept moving, while Ninian was clueless on the other side.

She just said, “It’s our baby. Please make the necessary arrangements, thank you.”

The comments became more frenzied.



A series of symbols occupied the whole screen. After Ninian hung up, they were still rolling.

The netizens were worked up.

By the time the venue’s staff realized this, it had become the top trending topic.

[#The Everett and Ninian secretly got married!]

[#Baby Ninian has a kid!]



[#The Everett is a father now!]

Crazy, screaming fans filled the bottom of the screams.

The couple had been together for so long, and the fans had gotten used to them from not accepting them at the beginning.

After all, Ninian grew up quickly before everyone’s eyes. She had won the Best Newcomer Award for the female supporting role in “In Full Bloom” before being nominated as the Best Female Actress at the Ascar Awards with her role as the female lead in “Turncoat.”

She had also contributed to the amazing results and box office draws of the subsequent movies that she starred in.

In tonight’s awards ceremony, one of her films would win, and she would take home the Best Actress Award.

Ninian and Everett were matched whether it was in terms of social status, appearance, character, or even their achievement and career. Hence, their fans had long given them. their blessings.

It was especially so after the story of them meeting when they were little and helping each

other after they grew up came out. The fans who shipped Ninian and Everett had occupied half of the entertainment industry long ago.

Therefore, almost everyone felt excited and happy about the exposure of this news, except Everett and everyone in the Winters family.

They were completely stunned at the moment.



Duke, who had initially been avoiding Melody, stepped out immediately. He kept calling out to Ninian in the family group with a series of question marks to express his shock.

How dare that brat make his baby daughter pregnant?

What the hell?!

Ninian happened to be in styling, so she did not see the news. A light flashed in Melody’s eyes, and she replied to the message straight away.

“Daddy, aren’t you on vacation? Isn’t the signal there bad? How did you learn about the gossip so quickly?”

Duke was speechless.

He was old now, but he became totally embarrassed as he faced his daughter.

Meanwhile, Melody replied to the messages while she got Alden to pinpoint their father’s current location.

Their father must not have gone far since he had seen the entertainment gossip so soon.

When Alden started to track and locate Duke, Melody said, “Daddy, please come back now. If you refuse, your baby daughter will be stolen.”

They were in a stalemate for a long time before Duke compromised. “I’ll be home in two hours. Ask Ninian Winters to wait for me.”

Tsk, he even called Ninian by her full name. It looked like he was furious.

But… how could he get back in two hours?

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Melody narrowed her indifferent eyes, and her gaze was sharp.

Well done! She had been tracking him for a long time, but it turned out that her dad had just been hiding near their house with her mommy!

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