Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1342

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Free online novel

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1342

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1342

Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

There was also “as long as a woman had a stable job and strong support from her family, she would be happy and relaxed even if she stayed single for her whole life.”

She could go on.

Besides, what was more cunning about Duke was that he would never post the quotes using his own account. He would use his wife’s, Adina’s WhatsApp, to post inspirational quotes and links every time.

In the beginning, it caused the Winters siblings to panic for a time, and they thought that their mother opposed their marriage.

They sighed in relief only after Alden unintentionally hacked his father’s account. He realized that his father had found the posts and forwarded them to his mother before posting them using his mother’s phone.

It was fine. It was normal for the father–in–law to trouble his sons–in–law.

It was the same theory as the mother–in–law having conflicts with her daughters–in–law,

However, the roles changed in their family. It was the father who was being antagonistic toward the daughter.

Three years passed while they fought their interesting battles.

In the blink of an eye, Ninian had grown from an eighteen–year–old girl into a twenty–year- old young lady.



After persistent persuasion and standing her ground, she ended up engaged to Everett, and they became a model couple in the entertainment industry.

At this point, George and Raina, Harold and Lana, as well as Alden and Nerola, were already married. They had built their own happy families too.

George and Raina even had a cute two–year–old baby.

Lana was also pregnant. She was in the last stages of her pregnancy, so her belly was huge. She also liked to wander around, which would startle and frighten Harold, so much. so that he constantly protected her every day.

Alden and Nerola had gone for their honeymoon. Nerola was not in a hurry to have a child as she wanted to develop her career first. It happened that Alden was not very enthusiastic about having a child either, so they reached a consensus without any disagreement.

Only Melody felt a strong grievance whenever she looked at her elder brothers and sister.


All her elder brothers were married, and even her younger sister was engaged, leaving Brooklyn and her. She had proposed and made the official announcement the earliest.

They were the earliest known couple, but they were the last to get married.

Melody had wanted to coax and pester her father like Ninian, but he refused to suffer a second loss after the first time. He had taken her mother around the world again, and she had been unable to find them.

When this happened, she felt immense regret over delaying her lifelong commitment for the sake of touring.

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“It’s okay. I’ll always be here waiting for you.” Brooklyn comforted her, and his gaze was affectionate as usual.

“We’ve waited for three years. Think about it, we can get married next year. I’m over the moon. I think each day is a countdown to our wedding.”

When Melody heard what Brooklyn said, she finally felt less agitated.

She and Ninian took turns playing with George’s baby daughter, Meathy.

Meathy was fair, cuddly, chubby, and extremely adorable. She was just two years old, but she had perfectly inherited George and Raina’s intelligence as well as beauty. She had power over all her uncles and aunts.

“Oh yeah, Grapie, are you attending the award ceremony tonight?” Melody asked.

“Award ceremony! I want to go!” Meathy clapped her chubby hands and said.

“Yes, the ceremony’s tonight.” Ninian crinkled her eyes as she played with Meathy. “Do you really want to go? Let Aunt Melody bring you there, okay?”

Melody smiled and said, “I’m okay with it, of course.”

Ninian took out her phone and called the venue’s staff.

“Emma, we’ll be bringing a kid from our family to the award ceremony tonight. Please take care of her.”

Right then, the staff named Emma was adjusting the settings for the award ceremony’s live stream.

She was so busy that she forgot about the nearby equipment for the live stream. She just asked, “What? You have a kid? You want to bring the kid along?”

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