Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2069

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2124

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2069

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2069

How would Zachary believe his father’s nonsense?

Even the couples present would not believe it, not to mention Zachary.

Serenity tried grabbing the prescription from her husband, but he tore it immediately.

After tearing the paper to pieces, he walked into the bathroom to throw them into the toilet bowl and flushed them away.

His expression still looked awful after exiting the bathroom.

“Zack, I’m telling the truth. The prescription isn’t for Serenity. It really was meant for your mom in the past.”

Liam continued lying.

Zachary could not help but expose his father’s lie. “I recall Nana saying that you and Mom got pregnant within three months of marriage. Why were you two unable to conceive even after a long time in your version of the story?

“Did Nana remember wrongly because of her old age? Or are you lying, Dad? It wasn’t just Nana who said it. I remember Mom mentioning that she had me very quickly.”

Liam was speechless.

“Mom, Grandma gave you this prescription, right? Did she get this for you because Serenity and I are still without a child even after so long? Did you intend to get the medicine for Serenity? Did you rush to hide the paper under the table because you heard us coming back?”

How could Zachary not know his parents well?


It must have been as he had guessed.

“I’ve said many times that Serenity and I wish to spend time together and don’t want a child just yet. I’ve used birth control ever since the fight with Serenity over the health checkup. How can Serenity possibly get pregnant?”

Liam and Tania did not say a word.

Callum and Camryn simply listened and dared not make a sound.

Zachary was fuming.

After Zachary had spoken, Serenity thought, ‘You said your dad’s lying, but you’re lying too.’

They had never used any contraception.

Zachary had been ravenous ever since she returned from FC Manor too.

“Mom, you should go to Grandma’s house tomorrow and talk to Grandma and the other aunts about this. Tell them not to worry about when Serenity will get pregnant. We’ll start trying after we’re done enjoying our time together.

“Serenity’s business is gaining momentum, and she’s getting busier. She often has to attend business engagements, which require her to drink. That’s why it’s still not a good time to try for a baby.

“Furthermore, don’t just bring a random prescription back. It’s not necessarily suitable for everyone because of their different conditions. If one prescription can fit everybody, the streets will be filled with doctors out of their job.”

Serenity tried to speak multiple times but to no avail.



She did have more business engagements, but she rarely drank alcohol.

Zachary would accompany her to every event. As he did not allow her to drink, no one dared to propose a toast to her.

Sometimes, Zachary would help her to drink one or two glasses of alcohol at most. She would not let him drink more than that because it was harmful to the stomach. She still remembered his stomachache from before. It took a long time for her to nurse him back to health after that.

The couple was famous for being lovey-dovey anyway. They did not fear others gossiping about them.

Everyone knew drinking was prohibited whenever they talked to Mrs. York about business. As time passed, they started being conscious of it. They would eat and drink, but no alcohol would be served.

Zachary had made things clear. Since Serenity had no chance to chime in, she accepted her husband’s action of lying.

He was doing it for her sake.

He was afraid she would feel pressured.

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Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2069

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