Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2118

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2124

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2118

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2118

As long as she returned home and Kevin was also there in her house, she felt as if her parents were conspiring to sell her to him.

“Let’s go.”

Kevin reached out and grabbed one of Hayden’s hands, trying to pull her along.

Hayden instinctively shook off his hand, not letting him touch her. She coldly warned him, “Kevin, have some self-restraint. Don’t get handsy. Just because my parents side with you doesn’t mean I won’t dare to retaliate against you.”

Kevin smiled and explained, “I’m not taking advantage of you. I just wanted to escort you downstairs.”

“I have legs and I can walk on my own. No need for you to guide me.”

Hayden pushed the bouquet back into Kevin’s arms and said indifferently, “I’ve told you, I don’t like flowers or things that girls like.”

After speaking, she walked by Kevin and went downstairs.

Kevin followed her with the bouquet in his arms, saying as they walked, “Then what should I do? I have a challenging task, Hayden. Mr. Hayden, since our relationship is so close, you have to help me out with this big favor. I’ve made big promises to your parents.

“If I can’t complete the task they assigned me, their evaluation of me will be severely reduced. Initially, they would have given me a hundred points, but if you don’t help me, they’ll only give me fifty points, which means I’ll fail.”

Hayden stopped in her tracks and asked him cautiously, “What did my parents ask you to do?”



“Mr. and Mrs. Queen are counting on me to bring you back onto the right path, to restore your identity as a woman, and then, like a normal person, get married and have children.

“Hayden, you tell me, isn’t this task challenging? I was naive and thought it would be easy, so I guaranteed that I would complete the task.”

Hayden did not utter a word.

She stared at Kevin for a while and then asked, “Did my parents say what would happen if you couldn’t complete the task?”

“Donnie said that if I can’t bring you back to the right path, letting you continue to be disguised as a man, our marriage would be buzzing news. For the first time in our cities, two handsome men wearing matching suits and ties, walking down the aisle at the wedding venue.”

Hayden gritted her teeth furiously. She knew she could not count on her parents to give up on this boastful man.

Once again, Hayden disregarded Kevin and went downstairs. As Kevin constantly infuriated her, she refused to deal with him.

She had the patience of a saint as she had never laid her hands on him.

She should have knocked his teeth off.

While still upstairs, Hayden heard the sound of Caroline’s gentle voice. She went to have a look and saw Caroline sitting on the couch in the hall. Hayden’s parents and brother were there too, talking with Caroline.

The coffee table was full of gifts. Needless to say, it was courtesy of Caroline.

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Hayden was not expecting Caroline’s sudden visit.

She reminded Caroline to not try anything with her, as she would not give a response to Caroline. However, Hayden actually admired Caroline as a person.

As they heard footsteps, everyone in the hall looked upwards and saw Hayden coming downstairs with Kevin behind her.

Caroline glanced at Kevin, who was holding a bouquet of flowers and following Hayden downstairs. There was a hint of mockery in her eyes, but it quickly disappeared.

Whether the third young master of the Yorks liked men or women, it was his freedom of choice.

He did not seem like the kind of person to joke around regarding this matter. It seemed that his sexual preference was a little unconventional.

Well, if the elders of the York family did not object, how could outsiders like them have any say in this matter?

The thing that surprised Caroline was the fact that Hayden’s parents were not enraged by Kevin intruding into the Queen’s home to pursue Hayden.

Caroline thought to herself, if she were to like someone of the same sex like Kevin did, and had the gall to pursue the person and even intrude into their home, her mother would definitely blow a fuse. As the head of the family, she might even strip Caroline of her inheritance.

Celine was watching like a tiger, waiting for the moment Caroline, the rightful heiress of the Fisher family, fell from power.



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